Brief Review Of Hohem V2 Handheld Stabilizer, Make Your Video More Wonderful!

Brief Review Of Hohem V2 Handheld Stabilizer, Make Your Video More Wonderful!

Nowadays, it has become a trend for people to shoot short videos with mobile phones. Although the lens of high-end mobile phones has OIS optical anti-shake, the effect is not obvious. Therefore, in order to meet the stability requirements of mobile phone shooting, mobile phone gimbal stabilizer came into being. At present, like DJI, MOZA, ZHIYUN and other handheld gimbal experience has been quite good, this category has long been mature, really can not think of any room for innovation. Today, we recommend Hohem V2 AI to follow the gimbal stabilizer, and its innovation will make your eyes shine.

It is the first mobile phone stabilizer with built-in independent AI vision sensor on the market, bringing a breakthrough to the stabilizer market! So how does this stabilizer perform? What are the highlights?
Hohem V2 Handheld Stabilizer
Highlight 1: Small enough to fit in your pocket
As a user of DJI OMSO 3, although its overall performance is excellent, it is still too big and inconvenient to carry. Every time I take it out, I have to carry a separate bag, so it doesn't take long to eat ash at home. As soon as I got my hands on the Hohem V2, I was pleasantly surprised by its overall size. It's about the same length and weight as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and it has a rounded handle, so there's no pressure to hold it in one hand, and it can fit in my pocket at any time. In addition, Hohem V2 can also charge the phone in reverse, so if the phone runs out of power when you go out to play, it can also be used as a power bank for emergency use, 2800mAh of power is enough to charge 50% of the Android phone.

In addition, I am quite satisfied with the design and materials of the whole machine. The whole machine is made of frosted plastic material, but the handle is made of soft rubber material with similar dermatoglyphics, which improves the feel and anti-skid effect at the same time. The front has a bright silver brushed metal panel, three function buttons and a rocker are set in the area where the thumb can easily reach, so the feel and operation experience of the whole machine is great.
Hohem V2 Handheld Stabilizer
Highlight 2: Built-in visual sensor makes it easy to deal with live online course videos
Unlike the ordinary three-axis stabilizer, it is the first stabilizer with built-in independent AI vision sensor and has computing power. That is to say, it has its own "eyes" and "brain", so that it can be completely disconnected from the mobile phone connection, greatly broadening the application scenario.

Like live broadcasting, online classes, video conferencing can be easily dealt with, the most commonly used is to use it for video chat. I used to hold up my mobile phone for half an hour every time I chatted, and my hands were sore. With Hohem V2, just clip the phone to the gimbal and turn it on, then click the power button on the top of the sensor, and visual tracking is enabled.

At this point, you just need to make an "OK" gesture to the gimbal, and the gimbal will automatically track your face. When you are in a video chat, your face is always in the center of the screen! At the same time, you can also compare a "up" gesture to it, the gimbal will automatically rotate to landscape mode, if a "right" gesture, the gimbal will automatically switch to portrait mode, there is no need to manually adjust!

In addition, if you feel a dark scene, you can click the button on the top of the sensor to adjust the brightness of the fill light in three gears. After actual measurement, in a very dark scene, the highest gear can clearly illuminate the face. This is very convenient for friends who do live broadcasting and short video shooting.
Hohem V2 Handheld Stabilizer
Highlight 3: It has everything a three-axis stabilizer should have.
It also has all the functions that the three-axis stabilizer should have. Under such a compact body, Hohem V2 also realizes the three-axis anti-shake function of course axis, pitch axis and roll axis. With the iSteady 4.0 physical anti-shake algorithm, the actual measurement can obtain a very stable picture (the above figures are the comparison of no anti-shake and anti-shake). The 2800mAh battery lasts up to 9 hours in daily use, which is enough for a whole day's shooting task.

In addition, Hohem V2 can adjust various parameters of the stabilizer within the Hohem Pro APP. For example, the working mode gives four options of "course/pitch following", "course following", "full lock" and "POV full following". At the same time, it can adjust a series of parameters such as motor response speed, rocker speed and stability, which can be said to be quite professional.
Hohem V2 Handheld Stabilizer
Highlight 4: The APP is feature-rich, and the Moment mode is very playable.
In the Hohem Pro APP, has a series of rich introductory tutorials, as well as the sharing of samples. And what really stood out to me was this feature called "Moment." "Moment" is simply a video "template", which gives many artistic ways to move the mirror, such as "Inception", "Dream Rotation", "Panoramic Ring Shooting" and so on. You only need to select the template to aim at the object, and the stabilizer will automatically rotate to help you complete the mirror shooting, which greatly reduces the threshold of artistic video creation.

This "dream rotation" mirror, which can achieve fully automated shooting, is particularly simple and easy to use for shooting close-ups of some objects, lowering the threshold for Beginner to shoot videos.
Hohem V2 Handheld Stabilizer
Hohem has found its own way in the highly competitive mobile phone stabilizer market. It is not facing professional users who pursue the ultimate stability effect, but ordinary photography enthusiasts who pursue portability, as well as mass consumers who often broadcast live, make video calls or shoot short videos. For them, the portability and follow-up characteristics of Hohem V2 are irreplaceable by other competitors, which is also the core competitiveness of Hohem V2.