Essential artifact for vlog players, Feiyu Vimble3 handheld stabilizer review

Essential artifact for vlog players, Feiyu Vimble3 handheld stabilizer review

I don't know if there are any friends who like to go out to play often? Or friends who like to vlog their lives? For beginners, or a person who likes to watch and cut videos, the three important points that mainly affect the video perception are: resolution, light, and the stability of the picture. However, the mobile phone also has its own electronic anti-shake and optical anti-shake, but the effect of these methods in the later period is not satisfactory. In order to slightly improve the video intelligence of daily Vlog, it is necessary to equip a mobile phone gimbal stabilizer. This handheld stabilizer from Feiyu's new Vimble 3 is still very good!
Feiyu Vimble3
Speaking of Feiyu, I believe that professional friends who love to shoot VLOG videos should be familiar with it. Feiyu brand is a manufacturer with both professional camera stabilizer and mobile phone gimbal stabilizer, which is very professional.

Open all the packaging to see the family photo, feeling the whole is more comprehensive, in addition to the stabilizer main body and instructions, other accessories are also more just needed, especially with a bottom fixed tripod, because it is particularly important to fix the camera position when shooting pictures. In addition, there is a storage bag and USB-C data line, which is convenient for daily carrying out shooting.

The overall appearance of this Vimble3 is gray, the body is compact and flexible, after folding, it can be put in the bag at will, portability is still very good; The metal fittings are also anodized and polished by a special process, which makes the appearance of Vimble3 more exquisite.
Feiyu Vimble3
At the handle, there are still common up/down board keys, joysticks, power keys and focus keys, as well as album keys and photo keys. Compared with Vimble2, Vimble3 keys are clearer and richer. The handle is made of rubber material, which feels comfortable and can also play an anti-skid role. At the same time, it also increases the stability of the shooting process.

In addition, there is a screw hole at the bottom of the stabilizer, which can be externally connected to some tripods. Beginner installed Feiyu's own tripod on it, which is very stable. At the same time, it can also extend the handle. When you want to shoot still, you only need to open the tripod and put it in a fixed position to shoot, which is very convenient.

Of course, when using it, we need to scan a two-dimensional code on the manual through the mobile phone and install a "Feiyu ON" app ". After installation, we press the power button of Vimble 3 for a long time to start the phone. After starting the phone, we can automatically detect the product when the product is close to the mobile phone. Connect Bluetooth, and then we can enter the APP to carry out various operations.

What needs to be added is that we must pay attention to leveling when holding the mobile phone, which is conducive to the horizontal perspective in the later stable period.
Feiyu Vimble3
When we connect with the mobile phone, we can use the key control function more conveniently. The four-way rocker can control the direction of the lens and the selection of the photo album. The wheel key is to adjust the focal length and focus. The AB key is to set the mark point, which can automatically follow the focus and remember the posture track of the gimbal. The mode key is used to switch the horizontal and vertical screen and follow the mode. Other key functions, It can be better understood according to the instructions.

Of course, in order to adapt to as many users as possible, Feiyu Vimble3 can carry a maximum load of 250g, high-precision brushless motors have the advantage of small size and large torque, and there is no pressure to carry mobile phones of various sizes, and with a new generation of control algorithms. Feiyu Vimble3 handheld stabilizer can also compensate in real time according to the attitude of the gimbal, effectively achieving non-destructive anti-shake, which can meet the needs of stable anti-shake and all kinds of lenses in any scene and motion state we shoot, which is very intimate.

What is more ingenious is that there is an extension rod hidden inside the fuselage, which uses fine drawing technology, so that it can easily achieve the effect of stretching freely, and can reach 180mm extension. When we travel and want to extend the self-timer, we don't have to worry about the face occupying the whole screen, so we can better keep pace with the surrounding scenery or friends.
Feiyu Vimble3
Especially when shooting some big group photos or needing some high-angle lenses, the extension rod can be very helpful, and when it is not needed, it can be retracted. O as to obtain a picture shot at a low angle of view.

Feriyu Vimble 3 is also suitable for beginners, with ultra-high performance stability, beginners do not need to master the photographic catwalk, you can also get a stable picture, mainly in the hand, a long time of shooting, there will be no excessive sense of weight, the use experience is also relatively OK.

With this stabilizer from Feriyu, you can switch between shake-hands and shake-hands at will. Basically, in our shooting process, we only need to double-click the M key to achieve this operation.

Especially in the outdoor shooting environment, when you want to take some self-portraits or take pictures together, this function is particularly in demand. However, if you want to achieve the switching of the front and back lens, it is not difficult to achieve this function easily by hitting the trigger button on the back three times.
Feiyu Vimble3
In addition, Feriyu Vimble3 can follow the algorithm intelligently, so that the lens always locks the protagonist, stays in the C position of the lens, shoots in motion, and can follow our pace sensitively at all times. In addition, Vimble3 has two built-in shooting modes, which can match different shooting modes and play a variety of ways according to different scenes we shoot.

Of course, in terms of accessories, Vimble3 can magnetically install a 500-lumen fill light on the top of the fixture, which brings us better light for shooting.

In terms of stabilizer angle, when Vimble3 pitches, the working angle is -35 ° ~ + 35 °, the rolling angle is -50 ° ~ + 50 °, and the heading angle is -80 ° ~ + 174 °. The angle range is OK.

Of course, as a shooting equipment that needs to be carried around, its endurance still needs to be considered, but in the standby state, it can last for about 10 hours, and it is estimated that when we shoot, it should be no problem to last for 5 or 6 hours.
Feiyu Vimble3
Overall, this Feriyu Vimble3 handheld stabilizer is still very good, for friends who love shooting, it should be a necessity, after all, daily shooting and creation are more in demand. I wonder if you have any good recommendations for the handheld stabilizers currently on the market?