The World’s First Detachable Cordless Gimbal Camera - Feiyu Pocket 3 Review

The World’s First Detachable Cordless Gimbal Camera - Feiyu Pocket 3 Review

Feiyu Pocket 3 is a compact and versatile gimbal camera that stands out in size and functionality among similar products. Its detachable handle can transform it into a multifunctional and portable camera.

The cordless gimbal of Pocket 3 can be easily detached from the remote control handle. And the gimbal camera can be used with Feiyu APP.

Magnetic mounting unlocks more unimaginable shooting angles. Record every exciting moment by mounting the gimbal or handle anywhere – no need to hold the handle all the time.

Simply connect the camera to a helmet, car roof or any magnetic surface, and use the Feiyu App in the hand-held remote control to achieve the best shooting angle.

Feiyu Pocket 3 provides a maximum resolution of 4K, which can maintain the recorded video clear even when placed on a large screen or projected.

It offers four times higher quality than regular 1080P.

High frame rate video can capture a wide range of motion, especially suitable for capturing fast-moving objects.

Feiyu Pocket 3 adopts the industry-leading Sony IMX577 1.55μm 1/2.3" CMOS image sensor, with 4x digital zoom.

With WDR, realistic color reproduction and noise reduction functions, Pocket 3 can automatically take stunning photos in any light.

WDR can enhance image quality, restore details and increase color layers, making videos more vivid. The HDR setting is particularly useful for scenes containing shadows or over-bright areas.

Feiyu Pocket 3 features a unique 3-axis stabilization system that effectively eliminates traditional shaking and jitter. You will notice the difference in the smooth motion of the lens and the clear focus of the details.

Choose between ultra-wide-angle/wide-angle/narrow-angle lenses and always keep yourself or objects around you in the image with the 130° ultra-wide-angle lens, never wasting a second of your shot.

The "Breakpoint-Resume" function allows you to pause shooting temporarily and resume shooting at the breakpoint, providing ultimate control and immediacy, while also saving editing time.

No more blurred faces in action shots. The Pocket 3 has facial tracking, which follows objects as they move, keeping them in focus.

With the AI object tracking feature, the Pocket 3 automatically follows moving objects, effortlessly capturing their movements.

Want a spectacular wide-angle lens, perhaps of an entire cityscape? Feiyu Pocket 3's 180° panoramic view can capture it all. Use the 3x3 panoramic view to never miss anyone in group selfies.

Master various photography styles.

The handle and camera can be connected or disconnected at any time. Use the joystick and buttons to easily control the camera and capture every exciting moment.

Control by simply sliding up, down, left, or right, with a very fast response time and no delay. There is also no need to worry about accidental clicks, as the screen is designed with icons that fit the screen size, making it easy to select settings with your fingertips.

The Feiyu Pocket 3's expansion base is compatible with most GoPro mounting accessories.

Say goodbye to the distance problem of selfie sticks, and never interrupt your filming again by keeping the camera close to you for quick adjustments.

With its wireless design, the Pocket 3 allows you to hold the controller at the perfect filming angle while dismounting the camera. Additionally, you can preview the lens from the screen on the handle.

With an IPX8 waterproof rating and the stability of a mini tripod, the camera is perfect for capturing stunning static images and time-lapse photography in depths exceeding 20 meters. It's ideal for deep-sea diving, snorkeling, or pool fun, allowing you to capture every moment of your underwater journey.

Built-in Wi-Fi enables direct connection to your smartphone.

The Feiyu Cam app not only allows you to control the Pocket 3 with your phone's gyroscope but also provides video and photo editing capabilities.

Weighing only 159 grams (86 grams + 73 grams), it's extremely portable. This lightweight and compact gimbal can be carried with you anywhere without any cumbersome preparation or expensive equipment bags. Just pick up your Pocket 3 gimbal camera and go. Supports microSD cards up to 512G.