Aochuan Smart S2 Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal Phone 360°unlimited pan rotation

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Aochuan Smart S2 Handheld Gimbal- Excellent Film Making Experience

Aochuan Smart S2 is a professional and powerful handheld with 360° unlimited pan rotation capabilities. It supports human face follow, human body follow, object follow, and even live streaming on Aochuan APP and a smartphone camera. 

The Aochuan Smart S2 plays the role of a professional private photographer in body exercises, live commerce, fitness, and individual video recording. The gimbal comes with a huge Li-battery of 6400mAh. With this, it can support up to 20 hours of operation with only 4.5 hours of charging.

Its authentic 3-axis design offers a steady and handy unlimited shooting angle. Its classic three-axis design and the upgraded 6.0 anti-shake algorithm also guarantee excellent stability. The gimbal can bring a smooth and cozy shooting experience, especially while on low-angle shooting or crane down and up camera movement.

Comes with a Larger screen:-

It features a large screen that showcases a wider world. The HD panel realizes real-time display of battery life, gimbal mode, microphone status, and Bluetooth. This improves useability. Its visual design averts any error caused by guessed action. This simple control interface brings you one step toward new technology experiences.

Follow focus and Zoom capabilities for accurate adjustment:-

Aochuan Smart S2 is professional and simple to use. With its focus wheel, you can easily use your smartphone to generate cinematic videos. Use the zoom rod to adjust the long- and near-range perspective without lag. Without the need to move around, the composition of the image can be readjusted easily using your fingertips.

LED-light for extra brightness:-

The gimble is designed with a strip-type fill light that brings treble improvement in brightness. This strip-shaped LED light is fixed at the tilt axis. The extra large lighting surface ensures brighter and softer light to fill in. The 3-three dimming design makes you comfortable in different recording scenarios, even in the dark.

In-built extension rod for different vision:-

S2 has an extension rod inside the handle that stretches up to 19 cm. Without needing extra accessories, you can unlock different shooting perspectives, particularly for drone angles and low angles. You can even take awesome selfies with friends.

Incorporated microphone for simultaneous pickup, higher fidelity, and noise reduction:-

The advanced in-built microphone can achieve intellectual noise canceling without a receiver. Furthermore, this special microphone supports long-range remote pickup. The S2 has a robust interface that is compatible with most reception devices. This offers you a perfect pickup solution.

360° rotation capability for a perfect filming experience:-

This feature helps you become a pro and make cinematic videos at your fingertips. Aochuan Smart S2  supports the entire series of gimbal modes. You enjoy skillful camera movement while shooting high-quality footage. The 360° unlimited initiation mode lets you make excellent footage with a single button.

HD mobile filming:-

Transform your casual captures into blockbusters. Smart S2 has an AB button that allows you to set a moving trajectory and length of a video. It simplifies HD panorama filming and pan movement filming on your smartphone without any app.

Comfortable design:-

Smart S2 has an ergonomic design to ensure your hands feel comfortable irrespective of how long you hold it. The device is abrasion, corrosion, and scratch resistant with its panting technique.

Professional filming mode:-

With Aouchaun APP, you get a professional mode for mobile video recording. Its 2.8:1 wide frame features cinematic visual impact to help you make blockbusters faster.


> Material:High-performance composite
Color:Piano black
Product size (mm):128 x 123 x 302.5
Net weight (with battery) (grams):630g
Matched phone width (mm):55-95
Matched phone thickness (mm):<10.5
Payload (grams):300
OLED display:YES
Focusing wheel:YES

Electrical Parameters
Battery type:18650 Li-ion battery
Battery capacity:7.4V / 6400mAh
Battery life:20 hours
Charging time:4.5 hours
Wireless charging to phone:NO
Controllable pan angle:360°
Controllable roll angle:±25°
Controllable tilt angle:324°

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