Aochuan Smart S2 Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal Phone 360°unlimited pan rotation

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Aochuan Smart S2 Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal Phone 360°unlimited pan rotation

Aochuan Smart S2 is a powerful and professional handheld 3 Axis gimbal phone with Apart from 360° human face follow, Smart S2 even supports human body

follow, object follow and live streaming follow on both Aochuan APP and mobile phone camera.Smart S2 always plays a role of your professional private photographer while body exercises, fitness, live commerce and individual video recording.


1,Authentic three-axis design.

Unlimited shooting angle, More handy and steady.

The classic 3-axis design and upgraded 6.0 anti-shake algorithm ensures extraordinary stability; Especially while super low-angle shooting or crane up and down camera movement,S2 can bring more smooth and cozy shooting experience to you.

2,Larger screen,showcases wider world.

HD panelrealizes real-time display of gimbalmode, battery life,Bluetooth and

microphone status. Clearly visible

design can avert any mistake caused by guessed operation.The simple control panelbrings you one-stop new tech experiences.

3,Follow focus and zoom, accurate adjustment.

Equipped with a focus wheel, you can use your mobile phone to produce cinematic films easily [shallow focus effect]. Plus,the zoom rod can adjust

both nearrange and long-range perspective without lag.Needless to move around,the composition of picture can be adjusted easily within your fingertips. lt's professional and

it's simple.

4,Strip-type fill light brings three fold promotion on brightness. Born for dark light environment.

Smart S2 is equipped with a strip-shaped LED light in the tilt axis. The extra large luminous surface guarantees softer and brighter light to fill in. Three-leveldimming design makes you

comfortable in various filming scenarios,even if it is in dark


5,Built-in extension rod Different visions;

Smart S2 is equipped with an extension rod inside its handle. lt can stretch up to19cm.Needless of else accessories, you can easily unlock various shooting perspectives,especially for low-angle and drone angle,to say nothing of selfie with your friends.

6,Integrated microphone Simultaneous pickup,high fidelity and noise reduction.

Innovated built-in microphone can realize intellectual noise reduction without receiver. Moreover, AOCHUAN special microphone even supports long-range remote pickup.More powerfully, a cold boot interface is added on S2's body, which is compatible with the major reception devices. lt can offer you a brand new pickup solution.

7,360° unlimited pan rotation.

Turn into a master and produce cinematic films within your fingertips.

Smart S2 supports whole series of gimbal modes. With it, you can enjoy skillfulcamera movement and shoot high-level foota ge.The 360°unlimited inception mode helps you produce super coolfootage with one button.

8,Brand new selfie mode.

 The motor is at the rear to create more filming possibilities.

Newly upgraded selfie mode. Simply by clicking one button,the mobile phone

camera and gimbal motor will automatically rotate to selfie position, meanwhile to avoid any blocking while live streaming. The operation is so much easy and convenient.

9,One-button switch to portra it angle Flexible in various scenarios;

Fast in response.

Needless of re-leve ling S2, hold the gimbal like a torch,then triple click the trigger button to freely switch between portrait and landscape. ln the process of shooting,S2 can be adjusted fast and conveniently to cope with various shooting scenarios.

10,Professional filming mode.

Aochuan APP provides professional mode for mobile filming. The 2.8:1 super wide frame is full of cinematic visual impact.Needless of post processing,your can produce blockbusters from everyday videos.

11,20H super powerful endurance.

Integrated by a huge capacity of6400mAh Li-battery,S2 can support as long as 20 hours' operation with 4.5 hours charging.

12,Wasp-waist streamlined design

Comfortable as always even after holding for a long time.

The gimbalbody applies ergonomic streamlined design. Your hands will always feelcomfortable even after long time use. Plus the advanced panting technique,S2 is effectively brasion, scratch and corrosion resistant.We are dedicated to building your professional image by permanent reliable quality.

13,HD mobile filming Casual capture instantly become blockbusters.

The AB button is added to set the moving trajectory and time length of mobile video. lt greatly simplifies HD panorama filming and pan movement filming on your mobile without APP. Free your hands to appreciate the beautifulworld from now on.


Material:High-performance composite

Color:Piano black

Product size (mm):128 x 123 x 302.5

Net weight (with battery) (grams):630g

Matched phone width (mm):55-95

Matched phone thickness (mm):<10.5

Payload (grams):300

OLED display:YES

Focusing wheel:YES

Electrical Parameters

Battery type:18650 Li-ion battery

Battery capacity:7.4V / 6400mAh

Battery life:20 hours

Charging time:4.5 hours

Wireless charging to phone:NO

Controllable pan angle:360°

Controllable roll angle:±25°

Controllable tilt angle:324°


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