Aochuan Smart XE Collapsible 3-Axis mobilephone Gimbal

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Aochuan Smart XE Collapsible 3-Axis Mobile Phone Gimbal

Smart XE is the most powerful and nimble-fingered mobile phone stabiliever ever. It has a user-friendly operation, and its stability is exceptional. Whether a professional player or new in the game, you will always go right with Aochuan Smart XE Collapsible 3-Axis mobile phone Gimbal.

It comes with a foldable design, lighter and smaller to fit in your pocket or backpack. The gimbal has a powerful li-battery of 3200mAh with a running time of up to 8 hours. With its OLED screen, you will quickly check the working mode of the device, battery status, and Bluetooth connection status. Accurate control of zooming and focus offers you a better shooting experience. Smart XE is simple but professional. The professional zoom toggle and focus roller provides real-time adjustment of image focus. You can film scenery and character blockbusters.

It comes with a creative app for an unmatched experience. You don’t need to sign up or pay. With a Bluetooth connection, you can enjoy the filming experience.

Updated Three-axis lockless design to enjoy shooting instantaneously:-

Fold and store your gimbal within a second, capturing unforgettable moments everywhere. Thanks to the updated 5.0 anti-shake algorithm that offers cool gimbal moves that are smooth and silk.

4 classic gimbal modes:-

Smart XE comes with four gimbal modes for a better shooting experience. Casting off the learning pressure, you will get started effortlessly within 30 minutes.

    • F mode is for zooming in or out in a straight line. The mode is used for right and left pan, overhead footage, and low angle.
    • GO mode of fast transitions and pan the camera quickly.
    • You can start shooting automatic footage with a single button with DM automatic rotating mode.
    • POV cool mode for zooming in or out diagonally. It also offers multiple-angle gimbal moves.

Collapsible design:-

Weighing only 350g, Smart XE is super lightweight and easier to hold stabilizers. This means it can fit in a tiny coat pocket or a small space in your backpack. Begin your filmmaking with light travel.


> Product size: 273*125*65mm(Unfolded size),163*108*55mm(Folded size
> Product weight: 350g±5g
> Payload: ≤250g
> Battery life: About 10 hours
> Charging time: About 3.5 hours
> Working voltage: 3.7V
> Power Input: 5V/1A
> Working temperature: 0℃-55℃
> Li-ion battery: 3.7V/2600mAh
> Fit for cellphone width:55-90mm
> Angle accuracy:0.01°
> Mechanical pan angles:310°
> Mechanical roll angles:337°
> Mechanical tilt angles:345°
> Controllable pan angles:275°
> Controllable roll angles:318°
> Controllable tilt angles:83°