AOCHUAN SMART XR 3 Axis Bluetooth OLED Gimbal Stabilizer

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AOCHUAN SMART XR Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer 3 Axis Bluetooth OLED Stabilizer

The AOCHUAN SMART XR is a three-axis handheld gimbal for a portable, compact folding phone. It is equipped with a three-axis stabilization control system, which can clearly present even when shooting motion scenes. Removable, rechargeable battery design, light and fast, continuous life, shooting worry-free.


1,Native Camera: supports native camera panoramic shooting, showing you a larger world.

2,Foldable: Foldable for easy storage and easy travel.

3,OLEDLCD-: intelligently identify the gimbal mode, power and Bluetooth connection status, which is still clearly visible under the sun backlighting, and grasp the actual PTZ situation at a glance.

4,Gesture: Support gesture control to take photos or videos, release your hands, show yourself, and make shooting happier.

5, Zoom; Dual combination zoom adjustment, rotate the focus wheel to adjust the focus (clear/blurred) Slide the zoom lever to adjust the focus (distant/close). Close shot, the person is clear, the scene is blurred. Distant view, clear people, clear scenery.

6, Detechable: removable, rechargeable battery design, light and fast, continuous life, shooting worry-free. 8H endurance, 200 mAh 7,Weight:370g

8, swtch; One click, quickly switch between horizontal and vertical screens, easy to play live and short video shooting


Aochuan Smart XR-specificationAochuan Smart XR-compareAochuan Smart XR-1Aochuan Smart XR-2Aochuan Smart XR-3Aochuan Smart XR-4Aochuan Smart XR-5Aochuan Smart XR-6Aochuan Smart XR-7Aochuan Smart XR-8Aochuan Smart XR-9Aochuan Smart XR- 10Aochuan Smart XR-11Aochuan Smart XR-12Aochuan Smart XR-14Aochuan Smart XR-14Aochuan Smart XR-15Aochuan Smart XR-16