Benro BAT Series Aluminum Alloy/Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Benro BAT Series Aluminum Alloy/Carbon Fiber Tripod BA229CK DSLR Camera Monopod Micro Cellphone Stand For TikTok

Flexible, fast and multi angle adjustment is the core feature of the bat series tripod, which demonstrates the essence of the ingenious design of the Banuo people. The foot tube is 180 degrees, the five gear angle is adjustable, and the central axis does not need to be disassembled for quick inversion. It is convenient for you to quickly change the angle and capture the fleeting scenery.

Key feature:

1, Two material models are available. Aluminum alloy or Carbon Fiber

2,The tripod adapts flexibly to different shooting environments.

3,Foot tueb 180°reflexes to achieve inversion of the central axis.

  The foot tube adopts bat wing bionics design.

4,360°Double panoramic head , the 360°unlimited adjustment of quick clip can realize panoramic shooting through the 360°activity of quick clip when the ground is uneven.

5,Quick lock system: switch the foot pins according to the terrain.


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