Benro FDBS01/02 Donut-Filter-Foldback-Filters

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Benro-FDBS01-FDBS02-Donut-Filter-Foldback-Filters-11Benro FDBS01/02 Donut-Filter-Foldback-Filters

Product name: FDBS01 a set of 4 filters, Φ25, Φ27, Φ29, Φ 31,4 different sizes, FDB02 a set of 2 filters Φ15Φ20, 2 different sizes, to meet the different needs of photography enthusiasts. Full frame lens aperture 70-200mm F2.8 or F4, full frame lens aperture 50, 80/105/135mm F1.2, F1.4, F1.8 or F4, partial full frame zoom lens: Such as 24-240, 150-600mm, 70-180, 70-210, 70-300, 100-400, 80-400mm

Donut Magic Mirror Suitable Lens:

+ Full frame lens aperture at F2.8 or F4 70-200mm

+ Full frame lens aperture of F1.2, F1.4, F1.8 or F4 50,


+ Partial full-frame zoom lenses: such as 24-240, 150-600mm,

70-180, 70-210, 70-300, 100-400, 80-400mm

Small doughnut 50mm, 24-240mm lens

(1) If the center of the picture becomes dark, please increase the focal length or aperture;

After shooting, please take it off in time. Sticking to the filter for a long time will damage the magic mirror.

1.FDBSO1 set :Φ25, Φ27, Φ29, φ31, 4 different sizes

2.FDBS02 Set :Φ15, 20, 2 different sizes