Benro IS05 Portable Light Aluminum Tripod Selfie Stick

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Benro IS05 Portable Light Aluminum Tripod Can Turn to Selfie Stick

The Benro IS05 is a mini ultra-light tripod kit that can be used in a wide range of mobile phones and professional cameras. It can shoot with the central axis upside down and can be converted into a selfie stick. The Benro IS05 is great for beginner shutterbugs.

Key feature:

  1. Fold-back storage: The length is only 265mm after contraction, which can be easily put into the bag to improve the convenience of travel.
  2. Triangular central shaft locking knob: make the central shaft locking operation faster and more labor-saving.

      3, aviation aluminum, Seiko forging, tripod strength and stability significantly improved.

  1. The telescopic design of the multi-stage central shaft improves the height of the tripod and meets different requirements.

      5, 3-gear adjustment and central axis inversion can complete more low-angle shooting.

       6,A dual-purpose, tripod + selfie stick.

       7,Benro spherical head H00S upgrades the 360 ° rotation function of the quick clamp. When the tripod is in a non-horizontal state, it can also easily complete panoramic shooting.

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