Benro MA368C MA368CK Tripod Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Benro MA368C MA368CK Tripod Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod

When wildlife and bird photographers go out to shoot and create, they will carry a special tripod head for shooting birds, because they use a super telephoto lens. A set of high-quality professional tripod head combination is the key equipment to ensure the clear image of the work. In addition, shooting birds and animals requires hiking in the wild. It has always been the expectation of birders to have a set of reliable, light and affordable professional tripod head combination. Benro's new bird shooting set and tripod MA368CK can meet the needs of professional photographers to shoot birds and animals in various complex environments.

Key feature:

1,Benro MA368CK has beautiful appearance, fine workmanship, exquisite details, moderate weight (3.6 Kg), large load capacity (15 Kg) and easy carrying (705 mm storage height).

2,Benro MA368CK adopts double panorama design, which can better rotate horizontally and facilitate panoramic splicing; the overall structure of the head is compact, and the main body adopts hollow design with rich texture, so as to be small and light.

3.Benro MA368CK moves the dynamic balance component to the side, which is convenient for outdoor photographers to have ample space to adjust the dynamic balance. It has eight dynamic balance adjustments, which can meet the needs of 0-15 KG equipment to achieve the effect of stopping at any time. When shooting birds, it can easily swing the lens, which is convenient for shooting flying version.

4.The tripod of Benro MA368CK uses No.4 tube with a diameter of 36.2mm and 8 layers of high-density carbon fiber, which can well bear 600-800 fixed-focus lenses; the main body of the three-prong seat in the middle of the tripod is hollowed out, and the steel bridge structure is used, which makes the weight lighter and the overall stiffness unchanged; Three 3/8 attachment holes are added to load various accessories such as magic arm (universal joint), monitor, etc.; a 75mm level adjustment bowl is provided as standard to adjust the level when loading heavy equipment. 5.The handle of Benro MA368CK is designed to be retractable, with a maximum length of about 40 CM and a minimum length of 14 CM, which is convenient for storage.