Benro SystemGo GA157T/158T/258T/257T/168T/268T aAluminum Tripod

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Benro SystemGo GA157T GA158T GA258T GA257T GA168T GA268T aluminum tripod professional photography for Camera

Benro SystemGO GA series is a professional aluminum alloy camera tripod. The pipework of Benro aluminum alloy tripod is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. While maintaining the strength and rigidity of the pipework, the pipework material is strengthened by secondary lightweight treatment.

Key feature:

  1. Central axis fast 90 ° horizontal professional technology: The central axis fast horizontal technology can meet the special needs of low-angle shooting and macro shooting.
  2. The central axis can rotate 360 ° horizontally, which can easily complete panoramic shooting.
  3. Gear adjusting plate design: there are three angles, high, middle and low, which can be adjusted according to actual needs.
  4. Removable hook design: In windy weather, heavy objects such as sandbags can be hung to increase stability.
  5. The quick locking system of the foot tube is more stable and the foot tube is straighter.
  6. The dustproof technology of the foot tube prevents the locking sleeve from leaking outside. And that clean and maintenance time is saved.


Specification GA157T

Specification GA158TSpecification GA258T

 Specification GA257TSpecification GA168TSpecification GA268T