Benro SystemGO GC268TV2 Carbon Fiber Tripod For Camera

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Benro SystemGO GC268TV2 Carbon Fiber Tripod for Professional SLR Camera

The Benro System GO GC268TV2 is a professional SLR camera tripod. Low-angle shooting can be satisfied by setting the central axis horizontally at 90 °. V head ball series has the characteristics of stability, large locking force and damping memory function. The panoramic operation is light, and a quick clamp with a safety device is adopted, so that the equipment is protected when in use. Support multi-opportunity shooting. It brings a more professional experience for photographer.

Key feature:

1, QIHM-8X third generation of high-strength carbon fiber technology, good toughness, high strength, light weight, good shock absorption.

2.The fast 90 ° horizontal technology of the central axis can meet the special shooting requirements such as low-angle shooting and macro shooting.

3,The central axis can rotate 360 °, and the tripod has a scale, which can easily complete panoramic shooting.

4,180 ° reverse folding design can reduce the storage space and improve the convenience of carrying the stand.

5, 3/8 "threaded expansion interface, can be installed with a variety of photography, video AIDS.

6,The hook on the safety seat is designed to hang heavy objects to increase the stability of the tripod.

7. Support multi-opportunity shooting.