Feiyu Pocket 2S Wearable Light 3-axis Gimbal Camera

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Feiyu Pocket 2S Wearable Light 3-axis Gimbal Camera

As a pocket camera, Feiyu pocket 2S has a smaller size than a mobile phone, and its weight is only 158 G, which is lighter than most mobile phones. It can be put into a pocket and travel without burden. With F2.0 constant aperture lens and Sony 1/2.5-inch sensor, it has 130 ° ultra-wide angle and supports 4K60FPS video shooting, which is enough for you to be immersive.

Split design is the biggest feature of Feiyu pocket 2S. The head is a combination of the lens and the three-axis PTZ stabilization system, which ensures that the picture is always stable and smooth. It is installed by magnetic attraction and the body handle. The 90-centimeter-long control line ensures that the handle controls the lens. In handheld mode, the control line can be wrapped around the fuselage for simple shooting of the mobile version. In the wearing mode,The lens can be magnetically attracted or embedded in the place you want, such as the roof, helmet, skis, pet vest, etc., to give you a fresh and interesting first perspective shooting experience.

Magnetic split features allow Feiyu pocket 2S to have more shooting angles, make the picture more creative, let you have more DIY space, create your own way of playing.


> Split design to achieve ultra-light wear. Connect the handle and camera with a cable for easy monitoring.
> Handheld and wearable can be used.
> Magnetic base, it can be attracted or buckled within one second.
> 130 ° ultra-wide-angle lens with three viewing modes: ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle and narrow-angle, allowing you to capture most of the beautiful scenery in the camera frame.
> Three-axis mechanical universal joint makes the footage extremely stable.
>  Five-way joystick makes operation easier.
> Breakthrough shooting, revolutionary shooting efficiency.
> Support HDMI output.
> Smart features, crazy fun.
> Support extended microphone to provide you with better recording quality.
> Built-in speakers give you a great user experience when playing videos.
> The bottom 1/4 inch threaded hole can be used to adjust more accessories
> Ultra HD 4K @ 60FPS resolution up to 120M, maximum bitrate, easy to create true 4K video.
> Sony 1/2.5-inch CMOS sensor, 1.62 μm single pixel, powerful imaging unit.
> 4x electronic zoom.
>  Large touch screen, easy to switch modes/set parameters.
> Up to 3 hours of battery life, support up to 512 G memory card.
> Built-in WiFi makes remote monitoring more convenient.

Multiple modes
Feiyu pocket 2S uses a split + magnetic design. The body and the lens module are connected by magnetic attraction. Here you can not only attach the handle to some magnetic places, but also attach the lens module independently, which greatly expands its use scenarios. For example, attach it to the frame, helmet, and make a riding record.

Excellent picture quality
Feiyu pocket 2S uses Sony 1/2.5-inch CMOS lens with an effective pixel of 8.51 million, which supports a large aperture of f/2.0 at most, equivalent to 12 mm focal range. Can achieve a maximum of 4K 60 frames of shooting, 1080p 4x slow motion effect, for sports, or travel Vlog enough!

Face tracking
Feiyu pocket 2S provides two sensitive modes of soft following and sensitive following. When using, you can adjust the corresponding mode and intensity according to your needs. For friends who like to shoot Vlog, Feiyu pocket 2S's face tracking and beauty are really great. Face recognition is sensitive, and it can ensure that you stay in the middle of a picture in real time when you leave the country.O as to obtain a better picture feeling.

Technical Specs:-

> Dimensions:52.1 * 31.5 * 29.1mm/95.1*28.6*20.8mm
> Material: Aluminum Alloys,PC
> Weight: 179g
> Water-proof: NO
> Extension cord length: 90cm
> Display Screen: 1.3 inch /IPS/240*240
> Processor: V39M
> Wifi: 2.4GHz,bandwidth:20MHz

> Sensor:1/2.5″CMOS
> Effective pixels:8.51 million
> Lens FOV:130°, aperture (F): 2.0
> ISO Range:100~3200
> Equivalent Focal Length:16mm
> Electronic Shutter Speed:1/8000~16s
> Max Image Size:3840*2160
> Photo Formats:JPG/JPG+DNG
> Photo modes:Single photo, panoramic photo, static delay, trajectory delay
> Video resolution:
    4K 3840*2160@60/50/48/30/25/24fps     
    2.7K 2720*1520@60/50/48/30/25/24fps     
    1080P 1920*1080@120/60/50/48/30/25/24fps
> Video Formats:MOV、MP4
> Video Recording Modes: Video, Timelapse, Slow Motion
> Max.Video Bit rate: 4K@60 fps, Max. Bit rate is 120Mbps
> Supported File Formats:FAT32、exFAT
> Supported SD Cards:Micro SD,maximum support 512g memory card(recommended to use U3 and above high-speed cards)
> Audio Output:48KHz, AAC

> Capacity:875m
> Category:Lithium Cell
> Power:6.738Wh
> Voltage:7.7V
> Operating Temperature: 0°- 40°
> Battery Life: 180min(1080 30fps), 160min(4K 30fps)
> Charging Time: 1.2h(with 5V2A charger)
> APP : Feiyu Cam
> Max Speed :180°/S

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