Feiyu SCORP Mini Three-axis Intelligent Handheld Gimbal

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Feiyu SCORP Mini Three-axis Intelligent Handheld Gimbal

While Vlog short videos and long videos from the media continue to enrich our work and life, creators also need to continue to advance, shoot and produce more professional and high-quality video content. Feiyu SCORP-Mini, a professional stabilizer that can be applied to mobile phones, always accompanies every creator to grow up.

Feiyu SCORP-Mini packaging is simple and clear, with white as the main tone. In addition to the product rendering, it is also printed with the type of equipment that can be carried. The product accessories in the package are wrapped and fixed by black sponge to prevent damage caused by too much turbulence during transportation. The fuselage design is calm and atmospheric, full of industrial and mechanical sense, which is in line with the aesthetic of most video creators.

In addition to the appearance of a very scientific and technological sense, Feiyu SCORP-Mini body is made of aviation aluminum and polymer synthetic resin, lighter weight, only 787 grams but can carry heavy weight, mobile phones, GOPRO action cameras and the vast majority of micro single can be controlled, shooting can be easily controlled, so that you can hold longer and shoot more steadily.

Feiyu SCORP-Mini can also be extended to install a focus follower to directly track objects; it can also be installed with a magnetic supplementary light. Play with the art of light. Whether it's mobile phone short video creation or work, travel and shooting, this lightweight, compact, simple and powerful Feiyu SCORP-Mini professional stabilizer will be your right-hand man in video creation.


Lightweight, portable, powerful
It is a cross-border integration of camera stabilizer, mobile phone stabilizer and motion camera stabilizer, which makes advanced video shooting easier with comfortable and light structure design and simple and smooth touch screen control.

All-round carrying
For users who can use micro single, card machine, mobile phone and action camera to shoot, Feiyu SCORP-Mini stabilizer can take into account these four types of devices, which is undoubtedly their intimate choice. Whether you plan to shoot with a camera or a mobile phone, you don't need to replace your stabilizer. For the increasingly common mobile video shooting, Feiyu SCORP-Mini is designed with a special vertical shooting fixture, so that mobile phone shooting can also get a professional experience.

Complex but not heavy, light to use
The Feiyu SCORP-Mini stabilizer is designed with a T-shaped gun handle and an integrated suspension handle. The T-shaped gun handle fits the hand muscles better, which is in line with the photographer's usage habits and has a better grip when shooting upright. The integrated suspension handle makes low-angle shooting more labor-saving. SCORP-Mini is made of aviation aluminum and polymer synthetic resin. SCORP-Mini is only 787 grams, so you can hold it longer and shoot more steadily.

Simple to control and master in one hand
On the compact body, the large 1.3-inch touch screen on the top is particularly amazing. All the settings of the fuselage can be completed by smooth touch, with clear information and simple operation, which is convenient for you to play a big role in video shooting.

The focus following wheel at the front of the camera body can be well competent for the electronic focus following within the camera protocol, and can also accurately control the external focus following device; Type C interface is connected to the camera, which can directly control the shooting without pressing the shutter on the camera, making the shooting more convenient.

Colorful play, enjoy shooting
Are you still envious of other people's interesting and cool videos? Feiyu SCORP-Mini Stabilizer has a variety of built-in ways to play, and you can easily do those amazing pictures. Track Time Lapse/Panorama/Space Mode/Hitchcock.

Technical Specs:-

> Name: Feiyu SCORP-Mini Three-Axis Camera Handheld Stabilizer
> Capacity: 2500mAh, built-in non-removable, supports up to 18W fast charging
> Voltage: 6.8 V-8.4 V
> Endurance: 13 hours
> Charging: approx. 1.6 hours (with 18 W fast charging)
> Material: macromolecule synthetic resin, aluminum alloy
> Dead weight: about 787g
> Weight: Approx. 1200g/2.65 lb (balanced)
> Size: 228 * 179 * 272 mm (balance locking state)

Standard accessories:
> Accessories: Feiyu Scorpion-Mini stabilizer body * 1
> Data cable: USB 2.0 to Type-C * 1
> Cable: Type-C to Micro (A03) * 1
> Data cable: Type-C to Type-C (C02) * 1
> Data cable: Type-C to TRS2.5 (T02) * 1
> Sony Shutter Cable: Type-C to Multi * 1
> Panasonic shutter cable: (DC2.5mm) Type-C to 2.5mm * 1
> Tripod * 1
> Quick loading plate * 1
> Fixed plate slide * 1
> Mobile phone fixture * 1
> Lens mount * 1
> Lens mount fixing knob * 1
> Focus follower support tube * 1
> Support tube set screw * 1
> Long rod hand screw * 1
> GoPro Adapter * 1
> Camera fixing screw * 1

Feiyu SCORP MiniFeiyu SCORP MiniFeiyu SCORP MiniFeiyu SCORP MiniFeiyu SCORP MiniFeiyu SCORP MiniFeiyu SCORP MiniFeiyu SCORP Mini