Godox TimoLink RX TX Wireless DMX Transmitter Receiver Set

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Godox TimoLink RX TX Wireless DMX Transmitter Receiver Set

Built with CRMX modules from Lumen radio, Timoink TX and TimoLink RX are wireless DMX transmitters and receivers compatible with Godox or other fixtures featuring DMX control capabilities. The transmitter TimoLink TX converts a wired DMX console to wireless by sending signals to CRMX-compatible fixtures(such as MG1200Bi and TP Series) or receivers. As for the receiver TimoLink RXit works perfectly with DMX-compatible fixtures that do not include wireless modules (such as LD Series and some of UL Series, TL Series and KNOWLED M Series) and enables them to achieve wireless DMX control. TimoLink TX and TimoLink RX are ideal for film making, broadcasting and other scenes where wireless DMX is needed.


1,Supporting automatic frequency hopping.

TimoLink TX & TimoLinkRX always ensure stable CRMX signals within 300m even in extremely complex situations on set.

2,Rotatable Connectors.

The connectors can be rotated 270° for wider compatibility with different interface designs.

3,TimoLink TX

We have designed a TEST feature for the transmitter TimoLinkTX, with which you can easily check the connection status of lights even off the DMX board, greatly improving the efficiency on set.

4,TimoLink RX

As a wireless DMX receiver, TimoLink RX can work with fixtures which don't include a CRMX module and make it possible for them to realize wireless DMX control.



Godox TimoLink TX TimoLink RX-1Godox TimoLink T TimoLink RX-2Godox TimoLink T TimoLink RX-3Godox TimoLink T TimoLink RX-4Godox TimoLink T TimoLink RX-5Godox TimoLink T TimoLink RX-6