Holga 135TIM Twin 3D Half Camera Lomo Film Camera

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Holga 135TIM, the coolest and most fun 135 camera available today!
The new mini version of the 35mm Holga camera uses a full plastic lens that offers two shutter modes and three aperture settings. The B shutter allows you to take multiple exposures on the same film. The photos are colorful and contrasting. Holga's unique soft tone.


Holga's soul core, a simple plastic lens creates a soft visual effect. In sunny days, the photographs are more glamorous. The 135TIM is unique in that it can take two identical or completely different photos on a single film. The camera's multiple exposure function and the free-standing lens cover allow the camera's two lenses to be shot independently, equivalent to a half-frame camera, and a roll of 36 sheets of film can take 72 photos.
Enhanced MX button
After taking a photo, you can choose to press the MX button and press the shutter again to re-exposure the same film until you are satisfied with it.
Adjustable shutter speed B door
You can choose between two shutter speeds - standard 1/100 second (N-gate) or B-shutter for long exposures, you can keep pressing the shutter button until you are satisfied! Eye-catching tips: Use the tripod with the B-shutter to capture the bright night scene; use the B-shutter to capture the nighttime effect; the B-shutter cooperates with the flash to create a flowing flash background.
Adjustable aperture
The exquisite and compact weather pattern helps you to choose the three-stop aperture: sunny (F22), semi-cloudy (F11), cloudy (F8), you can choose the appropriate gear according to the weather conditions, easy to use.
Standard tripod and shutter release
With a tripod and shutter release, you can take vivid pictures from seconds to hours.
Standard hot shoe socket
The Holga 135 and flash are the best partner. Connect the flash to the hot shoe socket of the Holga 135, and the shutter and flash can be synchronized!
General 35 mm rinsing process
The Holga 135 is suitable for use with color negatives, positives and black and white film, which you can rinse in a general rinse shop.
Use a vignetting lens to enhance the vignetting effect.


> Size: 208 * 103 * 45 mm
> Weight: 6oz (170g)
> Format: Standard 35 mm film (color negative, positive, black and white)
> Lens: plastic 29mm, f / 8
> Focus: Four manual area focus distance settings
> Aperture setting: f / 8, f / 11, f / 22
> Shutter speed: 1/100, "B"
> Flash: Standard hot shoe socket
> B shutter and MX button for multiple exposures
> Shutter button: 1/125, "B"
> Standard tripod and shutter release