HOLGA 120 WPC LOMO Wide Panoramic Pinhole Camera

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With the Holga 120WPC you can capture wide-angled, soft-focused pinhole images. You can get a super-wide panoramic view that extends up to 120 degrees with this Wide pinhole camera. This Holga film camera is a unique combination of Wide-Angle Panorama camera, Pinhole camera and Medium Format Plastic camera, all put together in this one single camera. With this lensless Holga film camera you can get dreamy, beautiful double exposure shots. This Wide pinhole camera has a built in cable release attachment that comes in handy for photographers to snap photos from a distance. Transform ordinary photographs into an extraordinary low tech work of art with this charming and lightweight Holga 120WPC. The Holga 120WPC is a marvelous camera packed with features.

Holga 120WPC is a pinhole camera. Being a pinhole camera, it lets light pass through a very tiny hole, the pin hole, to hit the film directly, causing exposure, without passing through any lens.

Due to the linear propagation of light, the image on the film will be in a reversed form i.e. left will become right, top will become bottom, etc., etc.

As light dose not have to pass through any lens, images taken by pin hole cameras with have the following characteristics :
> There is not any optical distortion whatsoever to the image.
> There is not any need to focus.
> The angle of view will be much wider
> Having a greatly extended body, the camera enjoys a super wide panoramic view with the horizontal exposure angle reaching as wide as 120 degree. Depending on which of the two Film Size Frames is used, the width of the film for the pictures taken can either be 90mm or 120mm.

Specification :

> Type: 120 Pinhole Type
> Size of Pin Hole: 0.30mm Diameter
> Hole to Film Surface  : 40mm
> View Angle: 120 Degree
> Aperture : f133
> Film to be Used: 120 format
> Film Size: 6 x 12cm and 6 x 9cm respectively
> Dimensions: 210 x 56 x 96 cm
> Weight: 220g
> Accessories included   : Strap, English Guide, Lens cap, 1 each of 8 and 6 Framce size marks