Logitech Blue Yeti X USB Microphone for Gaming,Streaming

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The Blue Yeti X is a cutting-edge, flagship USB microphone for people who specialize in competitive gaming, Twitter ™ webcasting, podcast production, and YouTube ™ video production.
With a new four-capsule capacitor array built in, the Yeti X is able to bring you legendary broadcast-quality Blue sound quality with four polar patterns, while boosting focus and clarity to unprecedented heights.
Monitor and adjust volume in real time with a backlit, multi-function smart knob for precise audio control.

Four-diaphragm capsule array to improve focusing effect and clarity:-

Based on the innovative design of the world's best-selling Blue Yeti, the Yeti X has a built-in four-diaphragm capacitor array, which improves the clarity and focusing effect of various pickup modes.
You can easily switch between different polar patterns, with cardioid pointing for recording and live streaming, omni pointing for teleconferencing, dual pointing for podcast interviews, and stereo for immersive experiences like ASMR recording.

High-resolution LED display:-

With the Yeti X's 11-segment LED display, you can see at a glance whether the live volume is high or low, and you can adjust it according to your needs.
The appearance of this LED display is of great significance to network anchors, making it easy to maintain professional sound quality while broadcasting live.

Blue VO! CE Broadcast Grade Vocal Effects:-

The Yeti X USB microphone comes with advanced Blue VO! CE audio software, including a set of broadcast-quality vocal effects, making it easy to achieve professional live sound quality.
Use Blue VO!! With CE * presets, you can adjust Yeti X's sound effects, including crisp modern, warm retro, and classic radio vocals, as well as customize individual sound effects.

Blue VO! CE Sound includes Depop, Noise Reduction, Expander, Threshold, Dehiss, EQ, Compression and Limiter, as well as presets from professional anchors to help you quickly set up your sound.

Adjustable LED indicator:-

Compatible with Mac and PC, the Yeti X supports plug and play out of the box, and is also deeply integrated with Logitech's G HUB for more control.
In G HUB, you can adjust the color of the Yeti X LED indicator to better match your live broadcast atmosphere.
You can also use G HUB to manage microphone gain, headphone volume, monitor habit settings, and selection of polar patterns directly on the computer.


> Customized four-diaphragm capacitor array for improved focus and clarity
> High-resolution LED display to help visualize volume
> Multi-function smart knob controls headphone volume, microphone gain, mix and mute
> Blue VO! CE broadcast-quality vocal effects, including webcast and podcast master presets *
> Personalized microphone indicator
> Integration with Logitech G HUB for deeper control of microphone settings
> Four polar patterns: Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Bidirectional, and Stereo
> Plug and Play, Mac and PC compatible

Technical Specs:-

> Power requirements/power consumption: 62 mA-203 mA
> Sampling rate/bit rate: 48 kHz, 24-bit
> Diaphragm chambers: four Blue proprietary 14 mm capacitive diaphragm chambers
> Polar patterns: Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Bidirectional, Stereo
> Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
> Maximum sound pressure level: 122dB
> Dimensions with base: 4.33 " (11 cm) X 4.80" (12.2cm) X 11.38 " (28.9 cm)
> Weight (microphone and base): 2.8 lbs (1.28 kg)
> Weight (microphone net): 1.14 lbs (0.519 kg)
Headphone amplifier
> Impedance: 13 Ohms (minimum), 16 Ohms (normal)
> Output power (RMS): 72mWrms per channel
> Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
> Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 100dB