MAONO HD300T 300S USB/XLR Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

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MAONO HD300 USB/XLR Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

Maono HD300T is a dynamic USB microphone that brings live sound home and packs the best bang for the buck when it comes to vocal recording. It delivers the best traits of dynamics that result in smooth and undistorted sound, saving you from buying expensive equipment such as preamps and digital interface that are otherwise necessary for connecting a dynamic XLR microphone to a computer. This mic comes with handy shock mount & compact pop.


1,Built-in five groups of AI chips: AI intelligent algorithm noise reduction, clearer radio, effectively improve sound quality.

2, micron radio film, high fidelity: using micron radio film, frequency response curve is smooth, response Wide range, up to 40Hz-17,000Hz, natural and accurate recording.

3,The HD300 microphone is equipped with two interface output modes, supporting simultaneous connection and use. Canon (XLR) interface: can be connected to amplifiers, mixers, sound cards and sound systems. Computer USB interface: can be connected to the universal USB interface of the computer.

4,Light-touch volume control No need to worry about low volume anymore.: The microphone provides a volume control button for easy adjustment of connected devices. The volume of the.

5, zero delay, TRS stereo real-time monitoring: The HD300 microphone is equipped with a zero-delay TRS stereo monitor and supports 3.5mm round hole headphone interface to connect headphones for real-time monitoring.

6. Cardioid directional accurate radio: Cardioid directional radio can reduce side and back noise, improve sound source isolation, and make the overall sound effect radio more real and accurate.

7,Frosted metal shell: The HD300 microphone is designed with a textured all-metal shell, which greatly improves the waterproof and fire resistance of the microphone and avoids damaging the internal electrical components of the microphone.

8, can be applied to a variety of occasions: Internet celebrity live, recording dubbing, professional recording studio, game live, online class live, stage performance.




Polar Pattern


Frequency Response

40Hz -17kHz

Bit Depth

16 bit

Sample Rate

44.1/48 kHz


On/ off switch

Headphone Volume control

Available on USB mode


Available on USB mode

Headphone Jack

1/8'(3.5mm) TRS Stereo

Headphone Output power

30mW ;32 Ω

LED Indicator

Available on USB mode

Power Requirements


Output connector





USB A to C cable x1 ;XLR cable x1

System Requirements

macOS X; USB 2.0
Windows 7/8/10;USB 2.0


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