Saramonic SR-WM2100 2.4GHz Dual Wireless Microphone System

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Saramonic SR-WM2100 Dual Wireless Microphone System

Saramonic SR-WM2100 is a compact and portable two-channel wireless microphone system that operates in the 2.4GHz spectrum. Suitable for SLR, mirrorless cameras and camcorders, as well as smart phones and tablets, applications for television broadcasting, electronic news gathering, field interviews and more. The barrier-free operation distance can reach 70 meters.

Saramonic new SR-WM2100 wireless microphone, wireless radio easy to shoot, in a barrier-free place, wireless transmission distance can be up to 70 meters, free movement, easy to shoot, clear radio without pressure.


No pairing required, pick up and go
The transmitter and the receiver are successfully paired when leaving the factory, and the operation is simple, convenient and quick, and can be used immediately after being picked up.

Removable antenna, easy to use
Both the SR-WM2100TX transmitter and the SR-WM2100RX receiver are equipped with detachable antennas, which are not only convenient for storage, but also can adjust the direction of the antenna according to the recording requirements to achieve the best transmission signal.

Listen while recording and control in real time
All receivers are equipped with a 3.5mm headphone monitoring hole, which supports recording while listening, and the parameters and status can be adjusted in time during the recording process to achieve satisfactory recording results.

Supports mono/stereo selection
The SR-WM2100 RXU portable receiver has a mono or stereo switching function, which can adjust the output mode at any time according to the needs.

Compatible with multiple devices
It is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, recorders, cameras and other recording devices.

Technical Specs:-

SR-WM2100 RX
The SR-WM2100 RX is a camera-mountable wireless receiver. It features level control, headphone monitoring, automatic pairing with transmitters, and two output cables, TRS for video cameras and TRRS for mobile devices.
> Channels: 18
> Groups: 2
> Oscillator type: GFSK
> Audio output connector: 3.5mm mini jack
> Headphone output: 3.5mm mini jack
> Receiver frequency range: 2.4GHz (2404-2476MHz)
> Receiver sensitivity: -87dBm
> Signal-to-noise ratio: 75dB or more
> Reference deviation: 10ppm
> Frequency response: 35Hz-14kHz (+/-3dB)
> Battery: Two AA size batteries

SR-WM2100 TX
The SR-WM2100 TX is a compact wireless transmitter that features both Mic and Line input connectors, foldable antenna for best possible wireless transmission and automatic pairing with receiver.
> Channels: 18
> Groups: 2
> Oscillator type: GFSK
> Audio input connectors
> 3.5mm mic input
> 3.5mm line input
> Carrier frequencies: 2.4GHz(2404-2476MHz)
> Signal to noise ratio: 75dB or more
> Battery: TWO AA size batteries