SIRUI A100B Bi-Color Automatic Inflatable Photography Light

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Bi-Color Automatic Inflatable Photography Light SIRUI A100B

The new SIRUI A100B Bi-Color Automatic Inflatable Photography Light is the first self-inflating flat light source. Furthermore, this new Light from SIRUI combines the benefits of inflatable lights with fabric lights.


  • It has various setups options i.e, the Light can be mounted almost anywhere in multiple designs. 
  • Magnetic absorption makes it easy to mount 
  • Designed with integrated diffusion: The A100B has an incorporated diffuser to provide beautifully controlled soft Light without the hassle of attaching an additional softbox, speeding up the setup process. 
  • Lightweight and foldable for simple storage and transportation
  • Slim frame for confined spaces; It shrinks to a small size when not in use, making it simple to travel and store away, and also excellent for live streaming and confined locations.
  • Extra grid for controlling the light direction
  • Remarkable color differences and high output
  • SIRUI's A100B is relatively compact, it's perfect for cases such as condensed spaces where many lights must be used simultaneously.
  • Optional Control Method: onboard control and app control for easier control
  • The SIRUI A100B also has built-in mounting points, so you can easily attach it to tripods or cages for added stability. You can put this Light on top of anything from a fence post to a tree branch and get great results.
  • The SIRUI A100B is an automatic inflatable photography light that allows you to shoot in any environment: indoors and out. 
  • It can be used for various applications: tight spaces, live streaming, interviews, portrait shooting, product shooting, and handheld shooting. It features self-inflation for easy setup and transport.
  • Allows you to see your way surrounding in the dark while on set. 


  • Dual Power approach; Light can be used in a studio or outdoors using a V-mount battery or an AC adaptor.
  • Material that resists splash.
  • Unheard sounds.
  • 685*500*100 mm in size.
  • Maximum power usage is 100.
  • Light body weight: 1613G.
  • 15M is the wireless operational range.
  • 12 lighting effects: candle, fire, Fireworks, Blasts, CCT Loope, Impulse, welding, SOS, Lightning, Flash, Broken Bulb, TV
  • Operating at ambient temperatures between -10 and -45 °