SIRUI AM-254 Carbon Fiber 4-Section Medium CAMera Tripod

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The SIRUI AM-254 Carbon Fiber 4-Section Medium CAMERA Tripod Leg

The SIRUI AM-254 is a 4-section leg with a built-in spreader, which allows you to get the perfect framing angle for most setups. Because of its long-lasting carbon fiber design, it is strong, lightweight, and very portable.

It is constructed from highly sturdy carbon fiber. An extra plate adds weight and rigidity to each section for better support when shooting long exposures or panoramas with wide or tall perspectives. 

More about this Product

  • The AM-254 tripod can support itself on various surfaces due to its retractable metal spikes and wear-resistant rubber feet.
  • The legs are made of ten-layer carbon fiber, which enhances three qualities: weight, vibration resistance, and temperature neutrality.
  • Each leg has three unique pull buttons that can be used to adjust the leg opening from 22 to 55 to 85 degrees. For macro photography, the three options are for the highest, middle, and lowest heights.
  • The top of this sturdy tripod has invertible 1/4" and 3/8" threads, making it very adaptable for connecting to various accessories for travel, photography, astronomy, wildlife viewing, and so on.

Reasons Why you should Get this product

  • With its complete equipment and small proportions, the SIRUI AM2 series tripod is a perfect entry point into professional photography.
  • Its excellent tripod to carry with you at all times is a carbon tripod that is incredibly small, light, and stable.
  • Trusted and faithful acquaintance for both amateur and professional photographers.
  • The leg angle is locked by default.
  • Has a heavy aluminum head mounting plate
  • A 1/4" auxiliary connector is available for flex arms, microphones, and other devices.
  • Portable and lightweight for travel and photography vacations
  • Just enough of a turn is required to unlock locks.