SJCAM Gimbal2 Brand professional three-axis stabilizer for action camera

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SJCAM Gimbal2 Brand professional three-axis stabilizer for action camera

SJCAM Gimbal 2 is a three-axis stabilized handheld PTZ with four shooting modes, intelligent APP, multi-angle shooting, large capacity battery, etc. If you want a handheld head, the Gimbal 2 is a good choice.

Key feature:

1. Triaxial Stabilizer: Thanks to the power of tri-axial stabilization, the Gimbal2 can be used on both winding trails and rugged mountain roads The handheld PTZ can still record the motion trajectory smoothly.

2,Four modes: Heading Follow Mode, Pitch Follow Mode, Full Follow Mode, Full Lock Mode

3,Intelligent APP: SJCAM PTZ 2 APP is newly upgraded, the UI page is simplified, and you can freely adjust the following progress, joystick speed and other attribute operations to bring users a more perfect and simpler photo experience. It can be downloaded for both Apple and Android.

4,Multiple angles can be seen at a glance: Beauty never stops at the front, and Gimbal 2 Premium Edition supports 320 ° overhead view The 320 ° roll and 630 ° heading allow you to capture the steady scenery from multiple angles at will.

5. The big battery is constantly replaced: Gimbal2 upgrades the large-capacity battery, and the measured PTZ lasts about 6 hours. With the camera while charging for about 2 hours, enjoy the charm it brings (the above data are laboratory test data, in reality, there will be errors due to the use of methods and environmental factors, please understand)

6. Changeable expansion with your heart: The Gimbal2 has a 1/4 universal screw on the bottom for use with all types of photographic accessories. Such as selfie sticks, tripods, suction cups and so on.


1. Applicable models: most SJCAM models, such as SJ8 PRO, SJ8 PLUS, SJ8 AIR, SJ SJ6 LEGEND Different brands-GOPRO HERO6/5/4/3, SONYRXO, YICAM and other action cameras Similar size and weight

2. Battery used: lithium ion battery, 2600MAH

3. Installation method: The camera lens is opposite to the tilt motor. Please install the camera when the power is off. Place the tilt motor on the left side, place the camera close to the fixed seat and shockproof cotton, tighten the screws, and confirm that the installation is firm.

4. Body weight: 370g (excluding battery, camera and other accessories)

5. Standard accessories: 1x handheld three-axis stabilizer, 1xType-CUSB cable, 1x stabilizer storage bag 1 X manual (including warranty card) * 1, 1x motion camera control line

6. Expansion port: 1/4-inch expansion port (bottom and handle side)

7. The ultra-long independent endurance can reach 6 hours. It can also be directly connected to the action camera for external power supply. So that you can have a more pleasant shooting experience.

8, Three-axis stabilizer: tilt rotation range: 320 ° Roll rotation range: 320 ° Pan rotation range: 640 ° Whether it's riding, skiing, skydiving or other sports scenes, the stabilizer can guarantee the quality of your photos and video.

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