SmallRig MagEase 52mm Magnetic Filter Series

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The SmallRig MagEase Magnetic Filter Series offers a convenient and innovative solution for photographers and videographers who frequently use filters in their work. This series includes a range of high-quality magnetic filters designed to attach easily to lenses with a 52mm filter thread. The MagEase system features a unique magnetic attachment mechanism that eliminates the need for traditional filter threads or step-up rings. With a simple snap-on design, photographers can quickly and securely mount or remove filters without the hassle of screwing or unscrewing them. The filters themselves constructed with precision and durability in mind. They are made from high-quality optical glass, ensuring excellent image quality with minimal distortion or color aberration. The multi-coating on the filters reduces glare and reflections while providing enhanced clarity and contrast.

Magnetic Attachment Mechanism:-

A distinctive magnetic attachment mechanism eliminates the need for traditional filter threads or step-up rings. Filters can be quickly and securely mounted or removed with a simple snap-on design. Effortless installation ensures a hassle-free shooting experience.

Wide Compatibility:-

The MagEase 52mm Magnetic Filter Series has designed specifically for lenses with a 52mm filter thread.  Compatible with a diverse range of camera lenses from various manufacturers. Ideal for DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and camcorders, offering versatility to photographers and videographers.

High-Quality Optical Glass:-

The Filters in the MagEase series created with high-quality optical glass. Ensures excellent image quality with minimal distortion or color aberration. Enables photographers and videographers to capture sharp and clear images with enhanced clarity and contrast.


The filters feature a multi-coating to reduce glare and reflections. Minimizes unwanted flare and ghosting. Enhances image quality by providing accurate colors and improved contrast. Enables Wide Compatibility: The MagEase 52mm Magnetic Filter Series has photographers to achieve vibrant and true-to-life images. Provides photographers and videographers with creative flexibility and control over their images.

ND Filters:-

The Neutral Density (ND) filters allow for precise control over exposure. Available in different densities (ND2, ND4, ND8, etc.) to suit various lighting conditions. Essential for long-exposure photography and achieving motion blur effects. Enables photographers to capture stunning landscapes, waterfalls, and cityscapes with smooth and dreamy effects.

Graduated Filters:-

The Graduated filters feature a gradient transition from clear to dark or vice versa. Useful for balancing exposure in scenes with high contrast, such as landscapes with bright skies. Great for controlling the brightness of the sky while maintaining proper exposure for the foreground.

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