SmallRig Shoulder Rig Kit for Sony FX6 4125

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The SmallRig Shoulder Rig Kit for Sony FX6 4125 is a comprehensive and versatile camera rig designed specifically for the Sony FX6 cinema camera. This kit provides enhanced stability, comfort, and customization options, allowing filmmakers to capture smooth and professional shots while minimizing fatigue during extended shooting sessions. The shoulder rig features a lightweight and durable design, constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

The kit includes a comfortable shoulder pad that evenly distributes the weight of the camera, reducing strain on the user's shoulder and providing stability for handheld shots. The adjustable height and angle of the shoulder pad allow for customized positioning, ensuring optimal comfort and ergonomics. The SmallRig Shoulder Rig Kit also incorporates a quick release plate that is compatible with Arca-Swiss standard, enabling swift camera mounting and dismounting. This feature is especially useful when transitioning between different shooting setups or when using the camera on other support systems.

One of the standout features of the SmallRig Shoulder Rig Kit is its focus on ergonomics. The rig is carefully designed to distribute the weight of your camera and accessories evenly, reducing strain on your arms and providing a balanced shooting experience. Customization is a key feature of the SmallRig Shoulder Rig Kit. It provides numerous mounting points and threads for attaching accessories, such as monitors, microphones, and external recorders. The rig also features a NATO rail, ARRI-style rosettes, and a cold shoe mount, allowing you to expand your creative possibilities and tailor the rig to your specific needs.

The SmallRig Shoulder Rig Kit is designed with versatility in mind. It offers multiple adjustments and configurations, enabling you to find the perfect position for your camera and achieve optimal balance. The height-adjustable baseplate, sliding top plate, and adjustable handgrips allow you to adapt the rig to your shooting style and preference. This flexibility ensures that you can comfortably use the rig in various shooting scenarios, from handheld shots to tripod-mounted setups.

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