Takstar MX1 mini Set Live Broadcast Sound Card Set

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Takstar MX1 mini Set Live Broadcast Sound Card Set

MX1 mini SET is designed for mobile live broadcast and karaoke. It is composed of MX1 mini sound card, PCM-5580 condenser microphone, TS-2260 monitor earphone, stand and related accessories. The whole set of equipment is lightweight and equipped with an aluminum box, which is convenient to carry outside. It is suitable for smart phones, tablets and computers.

Sound card: The MX1 mini sound card has a built-in DSP chip. It has 9 sound effects such as applause, kissing, contempt and crow, as well as 9 bel canto effects such as big and small reverberation, shouting microphone, KTV and telephone sound. It has Bluetooth accompaniment, real-time monitoring, noise reduction function, 12-order electronic tone, host speech evasion function, and supports multi-platform synchronous live broadcasting of computers and mobile phones.

Microphone: It is equipped with a PCM-5580 all-directional condenser microphone. The condenser microphone has high sensitivity, and the pickup is relatively delicate. It is very suitable for live karaoke in a quiet environment.

Monitor earphone: It is equipped with TS-2260 monitor earphone specially designed for live karaoke monitoring. It is characterized by providing detailed ear return sound, so that everyone can monitor the sound well during live karaoke.

The performance of such a complete and inexpensive live karaoke device is quite nice. Whether we want mobile phone karaoke, computer karaoke, or live broadcasting, or take-out use, we can satisfy it. We feel that it is a good device for our friends who like live singing. It is said that many Internet celebrity anchors are also using this device.


> Designed for mobile live broadcasting and karaoke, suitable for smart phones, tablets and computers;
> Built-in DSP chip, fast switching of 9 Bel Canto effects, easy to operate;
> With microphone high and low tone adjustment, it can be adjusted according to the sound characteristics of different people and different microphones;
> One-click original sound, which is convenient for the host to quickly switch from singing mode to chat mode;
> One-key electronic sound, 12 kinds of electronic tone, the tone is more accurate, singing electronic songs is more stable and relaxed;
> One-key dodge effect, the background music is automatically lowered when speaking, which is suitable for anchors;
> With Bluetooth playback function, simplify the tedious wire connection, and play music more freely wirelessly;
> It has 9 kinds of anchor sound effects to set off the atmosphere of the live broadcast room, making the live broadcast more interesting;
> Intelligent noise reduction, automatic shielding of the microphone to pick up environmental noise, singing more quietly;
> Built-in polymer lithium-ion battery can be used while charging, and the use time is about 7 hours.

Technical Specs:-

Host parameters
> Data transfer: USB 2.0
> Sampling rate: 48KHz/16 bit
> Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz (± 3dB)
> Total harmonic distortion: THD < 0.5% 1KHz
> Headphone output power: 120mW/32Ω
> Headphone Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 90dB (A-Weighted)
> Bluetooth version: V4.2
> Main chip: DSP
> Reverb mode: Reverb
> Electro tones: 12 tones Autotune
> Equalization processing: EQ
> Battery type: Lithium ion battery
> Battery capacity: 1000mAh
> Charging mode: USB 5V/700mA
> Charging time: about 2.5 hours
> Use time: about 7 hours
> Audio interface: Headset interface Φ3.5mm
            Microphone interface Φ3.5mm
            Accompaniment interface Φ3.5mm
            Mobile phone interface Φ3.5mm
> Power connector: Type-C connector
> Product size: 111 * 65 * 12mm (L * W * H)
> Net weight: approx. 115 G

Microphone parameters
> Sound head: condenser sound head
> Directivity: Omnidirectional
> Frequency response: 30Hz-20kHz
> Sensitivity: -36dB ± 3dBV (0dB = 1V/Pa at 1 KHz)
> Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥ 57dB (A-Weighted)
> Peak sound pressure level: 110dB (THD ≤ 1% at 1KHz)
> Output impedance: 2.2KΩ ± 30% (at1KHz)
> Operating voltage: DC/3.3/5V
> Single size: Φ47X 188mm
> Net weight: about 290 G

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