Takstar MX1 PRO Webcast Audio Mixer Sound Card

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Takstar MX1 PRO Webcast Audio Mixer Sound Card

The Takstar MX1 PRO is a tuned desktop live sound card with a slanted desktop design that makes it easier to place on the desktop. The colorful horse lantern design is very cool, with 15 lighting modes such as seven-color cycle, seven-color constant light, seven-color breathing, etc. MX1 PRO has built-in DSP digital chip and powerful DSP sound effect processing, which ensures the real sound effect of MX1 PRO. MX1 PRO can adjust multiple sound effects independently and reduce noise intelligently.Isolate the external environmental noise interference and beautify the sound line.

Takstar MX1 PRO has the support of OTG function and digital stereo lossless transmission, which ensures the transmission of high-definition stereo. Bring clearer and more authentic sound. In terms of operation, MX1 PRO adopts knob and one-button mode, which is more professional and easy to operate. Microphone, earphone, treble and bass, variable sound volume and accompaniment volume knob can be adjusted.Wireless play, electronic sound, noise reduction and dodge mode can be switched by one key. Applause, laughter, crows, contempt.. And other effects can be used with one key.

In terms of the endurance of MX1 PRO, the built-in 4400mh lithium battery can meet 6-8 hours of continuous live broadcasting. There is no need to worry about the problem of outdoor electricity to meet the demand for outdoor electricity.

Mobile phone/tablet/computer: karaoke, live broadcast, recording, vlog (compatible with iOS, Android and windows)
Applicable APPs: Applicable to various live entertainment APPs and platforms.


> Designed for entertainment live broadcast, live broadcast with goods, karaoke, recording, suitable for smart phones, tablets and computers;
> Built-in DSP digital chip, independent adjustment of microphone reverberation, variable sound volume, electronic sound speed, etc., with strong operability;
> With wireless play function, simplify the tedious wire connection, wireless play music more freely;
> Microphone treble and bass adjustment knob to meet the voice characteristics of different groups of people;
> With OTG function, it can realize high-definition lossless recording and live broadcasting through USB and mobile phone connection;
> Colorful and cool lighting control, which can switch the lighting change effect through the light control button;> There are 8 kinds of anchor special effects, 2 of which can be changed freely, making the live broadcast more interesting;
> Intelligent noise reduction, which can shield the microphone from picking up ambient noise and make singing quieter;
> One-button dodge function, automatically lowering the background music when speaking, suitable for live broadcast;
> Support synchronous live broadcast of two mobile phones and three computer devices, multi-platform live broadcast, and help live broadcast attract fans;
> Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, ultra-long endurance, easy to carry and use outdoors.

Technical Specs:-

> Data transfer: USB 2.0
> Sampling rate: 48KHz/16 bit
> Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz (± 3dB)
> Total harmonic distortion: THD < 0.5% 1KHz
> Headphone output power: 167.7mW/32Ω
> Headphone Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 90dB (A-Weighted)
> Main chip: DSP
> Reverb mode: Reverb
> Electro tones: 12 tones Autotune
> Equalization processing: EQ
> Net weight: about 490g

Interface details
> Audio interface: mobile phone interface * 2 (Ф3.5mm)
                   Headphone connector * 2 (Ф6.35mm
                     Accompaniment interface (Ф3.5mm)
                     Microphone connector (XLR + Φ6.35mm)
                     Microphone interface (Ф3.5mm)
> Data interface: Type-C interface

Battery parameters
> Battery type: lithium battery
> Charging mode: DC 5V 1.5A
> Battery capacity: 4400mAh
> Charging time: about 5 hours
> Service time: about 8 hours (when 48V is off)
                     Approx. 6 hours (48V on)

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