Takstar MX1 Set Live Broadcast Sound Card Set

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Takstar MX1 Set Live Broadcast Sound Card Set

The MX1SET live sound card package consists of an MX1 portable live sound card, an SM-18 large-diaphragm condenser microphone, a pair of TS-2260 monitor headphones, and related peripheral accessories. The whole set of equipment uses an aviation aluminum alloy box device, which has good portability, not only protects the equipment, but also shows high quality.The reasonable collocation of MX1SET suit "powerful functionality of sound card + exquisite sound quality of microphone + high resolution of monitoring earphone" makes MX1SET easy to cope with all kinds of live broadcasting.

Powerful sound card-simple operation and strong functionality
The MX1 sound card provides its own 48 V phantom power for smartphones, tablets, and computers. Its multi-interface design is compatible with various capacitive microphones, dynamic microphones and headsets, making it suitable for more types and scenes of live broadcasting, such as dual mobile phone live broadcasting, multi-platform synchronous live broadcasting on computers, network karaoke.. Etc.

Excellent Microphone-The sound is exquisite and touching
As a sound pickup device that anchors value equally, the microphone is matched with this year's new large-diaphragm professional recording microphone SM-18. Black, the appearance is small and good-looking, and the metal material is rich in texture, which makes SM-18 look good. φ34mm gold-plated large diaphragm sound head, superior sound pressure processing capability and lower background noise.SM-18 has a wide frequency response, exquisite pickup, real and natural sound, so that it has a particularly good effect in the network live broadcast of K songs. In addition, the SM-18 is also capable of picking up sound in other occasions, such as professional recording, personal recording, instrument recording, etc.

High-resolution earphone--real-time return of high-quality monitoring
The earphone accessory is matched with the TS-2260 in-ear monitoring earphone, which is specially designed for network karaoke and return monitoring. Ø 9.2mm high-resolution driver unit, excellent audio resolution capability, can provide full-band balanced and accurate sound, real-time return of rich music details, and high-fidelity output of monitoring sound. At the same time, the fitting design around the ear can bring comfortable and stable wearing experience.


> MX1 Set sound card set is a set of live karaoke equipment, including MX1 sound card, SM18 condenser microphone, TS-2260 earplugs, accessories and so on.
> Sound card built-in lithium battery, with 9 kinds of bel canto effects, 9 kinds of anchor effects, compatible with smart terminals such as mobile phones, tablets and computers, compact and portable, easy to operate
> The microphone adopts Ø34mm gold-plated large diaphragm sound head, with sensitive pickup, wide frequency response and clear and natural sound.
> Earbuds designed for monitoring, Ø 9.2mm high-resolution driver unit for rich sound detail
> The equipment is equipped with high-grade aluminum alloy box, which is convenient for the anchor to carry and use outdoors.

Technical Specs:-

Sound card parameters

> Data transfer: USB 2.0
> Sampling rate: 48KHz/16 bit
> Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
> Total harmonic distortion: THD < 0.5% 1KHz
> Headphone output power: 125mW/32Ω
> Headphone Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 90dB (A-Weighted)
> Main chip: DSP
> Reverb mode: Reverb
> Electro tones: 24 tones Autotune
> Equalization processing: EQ
> Battery type: Lithium ion battery
> Battery capacity: 2700mAh
> Charging mode: USB 5V/1.5A
> Service time: more than 8 hours (when 48V is off)
                6 hours (48V on)
> Audio interface: mobile phone interface (3.5mm), accompaniment interface (3.5mm),
                Microphone Connector 1 (Mini XLR), Microphone Connector 2 (3.5mm),
                Headphone connector (3.5mm), headset connector (3.5mm)
> Power interface: Micro USB charging interface
> Product size: 142 * 98 * 22 mm (L * W * H)
> Net weight: about 300g

Headphone parameters
> Product Type: Dynamic Stereo Headphones
> Unit diameter: 9.2mm
> Unit Impedance: 18Ω ± 15%
> Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
> Sensitivity: 95 ± 3dB SPL (94dB SPL = 1Pa) at
              1KHz with input=0.126V (1mW)
> Peak Power: 5mW
> Rated power: 3mW
> Conductor: Ø 2.3mm X2m
> Connecting plug: Ø 3.5mm three-stage gold-plated plug
> Product weight: approx. 13 G

Microphone parameters
> Sound head: 34 mm gold-plated large diaphragm sound head
> Directivity: Unidirectional
> Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
> Sensitivity: -30dB ± 3dBV (0dB = 1V/Pa at 1 KHz)
> Equivalent noise level: ≤ 20 dBA (IEC 581-5)
> Peak sound pressure level: 135dB (THD ≤ 1% at 1KHz)
> Output Impedance: 110 Ω ± 30% (at 1 KHz)
> Operating voltage: 48V phantom power
> Unit size: 157mm X 55x 38mm
> Monomer weight: about 372g

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