Ulanzi LT24 Mini Microphotography Fill Light

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Mini Microphotography Fill Light Kit Ulanzi LT24 3196

The Ulanzi LT24 is a microphotography-specific lighting system that is small and portable. It comprises 13 high-brightness LED lights that can be adjusted to different brightness levels. The colour temperatures make it an ideal lighting solution for macro and close-up photography.


  • Excellent for photography of still life, weddings, portraits, and children's
  • Camer lighting equipment is necessary for creating stunning sceneries for YouTube podcasts, live streams, and games.
  • A white diffuser can soften the light source in portrait photography and improve skin tone.
  • The advanced acrylic light guide plate softens and naturalizes the light. It will shield your eyes.
  •  Using a soft diffuser, you may make your photographic light more even and soft.


  • The video light is equipped with 116 energy-saving SMD LED Bulbs that produce less heat and consume less energy than incandescents and CFLs while providing wider illumination and exact colour temperature.
  • It has telescopic adjustability for simple disassembly and installation. 1/4" screw hole for convenient lamp installation; manual knob telescopic height adjustment.
  • Ulanzi LT24 lighting panel is made of premium carbon fibre material, has sturdy and outstanding heat dissipation housing, protects LED lamp bulbs effectively, and has a long life.


  • Ideal as a desktop ornament or for small rooms.
  • The atmosphere is produced through dynamic lighting, and 13 different forms of triggered scenario light effects are included.
  • Using a ball head, the light can revolve 360 ° to find the best angle for your creative work.


  • This lighting system can considerably improve the quality of microphotography by illuminating the subject in a balanced and consistent manner, avoiding harsh shadows and reducing colour distortion. 
  • Due to its small size and adjustable brightness levels may be attached to a camera or smartphone and used in several scenarios, including scientific study, product photography, and artistic expression.
  • Utilize the Type-C charging cable, which is simple to use.
  • The brightness and colour temperature can be changed at any time.