ZHIYUN CRANE 3S 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer

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ZHIYUN CRANE 3S 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer

The Zhiyun Crane 3S is a very powerful stabilising gimbal for large mirrorless, DSLR and cinema cameras. It has a high reputation in the field of photography, but the Crane 3S is a complete redesign with the addition of detachable handle optionsit has a payload capacity of 14.3lb( 6.49kg). that’s a substantial jumb from the Crane 3 lab’s 10.14(4.58kg) load capacity.

The Zhiyun Crane3S with roller arm adopts extendable design, innovative structure optimization, expands assembly space, and is compatible with larger cameras and lens combinations, making it easier to customize equipment.

It adopts the double safety lock design, which can easily control the stabilizer and the camera function parameters. Meanwhile, it can self-assemble the lifting parts and switch a variety of holding ways, making creative shooting more convenient

The body provides 2 3/8 screws and 3 1/4 screws, and the extension of the simple handle provides 3 1/4 screws and 1 3/8 screws. Various accessories can be selected according to the use scenario. With the use of rail car, rocker arm, flying cat, complete a wide range, multi-angle switch shooting, unlock professional amazing picture

New non - backlash three - axis locking scheme, trim and storage close to zero sway. Multiple interfaces of the fuselage adopt safety lock design to guarantee high intensity shooting in all directions.

The new DC-IN interface provides power supply to the head, and with the scaly shaped energy box, it supports a maximum voltage input of 25.2V, injecting surging kinetic energy into the motor, increasing the long endurance, enabling the normalization of "mad dog mode". The shooting has never been so happy.

The new ninth generation honeycomb stability control algorithm has a faster and more accurate response, can withstand the wind resistance in high-speed motion, quickly offset the dynamic deviation caused by jitter, so that the picture is more stable and smooth.

The new 55° bevel design, the real vertical grip does not cover the screen, convenient to watch, while reserving more space for mounting and balancing, so that the stabilizer can carry large shooting combination. Under certain circumstances, it can even change the direction of lens installation to meet the needs of short time shooting.

Double external servo focus tuner, specially customized support for large lens, cooperate with the focus handwheel and boat zoom button, zoom and focus synchronously, focus and focal length control freely.

Using the scale armor map transmission suit, remote wireless control yunhe 3S, no matter individual or team creation, can be lightweight and flexible to complete the output. With ZHIYUN stabilizer can achieve stabilizer control, mobile phone APP control, scaly body sensing remote control handle control three control methods.

Mobile phone can remotely monitor the picture while recording, adjust the stabilizer and camera parameters operation.

Use ZY PLAY to set the time-lapse photography track with the scale map transmission transmitter, and watch and shoot through mobile devices.

Key Features:

Follow: The camera has panning and tilting because it can track your movement.

Perspective: It can let the camera to scroll.

Vortex: , you can keep rolling the camera to create a rotating shot

lock:It can make shooting very safety and stable whatever how the head moves when the camera keep locked.

Go: Motor speed responsiveness increases with fast movement.

Long battery life:

It can lasts 12hours on a single recharge.

Compatible Cameras


 A9 II, A9, A7R4, A7R3, A7M3, A7S3, A7R2, A7M2, A7S2, Α7C, A6600, A6500, A6400, A6300, A6100, A6000, FS5, FS7M2, FX9, Z280

Canon 1DX3, 1DX2, 5D3, 5D4, 5DS, 5DS R, 6D, 6D2, 80D, 90D, EOS R5, EOS R6, EOS R, EOS RP, C200, C300
Nikon D6, D850, D780, Z5, Z6, Z7, Z6 II, Z7 II, Z50
Panasonic GH5, GH5S, G9, S1, S1H, S5, DC-BGH1
FUJIFILM X-T2, X-T3, X-T4, X-T30, X-H1
Z CAM ZCAM E2, E2 C, E2 F6


Sigma SIGMA fp




Following Deviation in Static State

Max: ± 0.04°
Min: ± 0.01°

Following Deviation in Motion State

Max: ± 0.3°
Standard: ± 0.1°
Min: ± 0.05°

Tilt Mechanical Range

Max: +155°
Min: -91°

Roll Mechanical Range

Max: +237.5°
Min: -57.5°

Pan Mechanical Range




Operation Voltage

Max: 25.2V
Min: 9.8V
Standard: 11.1V

Operation Current

Max: 5400mA
Min: 360mA


5V, 1A

Battery Runtime

Lab Data: 12h

Charging Time

Lab Data: 4h

Size & Weight


Product Size (W*D*H)

453*230*68mm (Folded, without quick release plate)

Net Weight (Crane 3S SmartSling Kit)

1880g (Tripod and Battery are not included)

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