ZHIYUN Crane M3 Camera Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer

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ZHIYUN Crane M3 Camera Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer

The Crane M3 is a compact camera gimbal with tilt, pan axis and roll options. These options can be locked for greater effect. The Crane M3 can be used in smartphones as well as in most mirrorless cameras. Its sleek black and white chassis design also ensures a better grip on the device.Zhiyun gives Crane M3 users a wonderful experience. The motor is also more powerful. The upgraded motor delivers more torque than its predecessor.

Crane M3 is also equipped with a 1.22-inch color screen, supplemented by the bottom of the joystick and buttons, which constitutes a humanized interaction without learning threshold. With the support of Zhiyun's strong motor performance and self-developed stability control algorithm, Crane M3 basically adapts to the current mainstream micro single and SLR cameras. It also adapts to the camera shutter protocol and can support wired control of the camera shutter. In addition,There is also a built-in signal receiver at the bottom, which can control the current mainstream camera functions wirelessly with the support of the camera wireless Bluetooth transmitter module.

In order to meet the user's self-timer vlog or shooting work in dark light environment, Crane M3 is also embedded with dual color temperature LED light, which can be dimmed steplessly by pressing the side wave wheel, and Lumen Amplifier brightness multiplication technology is added. Allow the Crane M3 fill light to easily illuminate a space of 20 square meters. Crane M3 also comes with four color filters to create different lighting effects.Users can move the lens to shoot under the cool light.


Convenient and lightweight
While continuing the convenient travel characteristics, Crane M3 adopts compact structure layout, optimizes leveling and shaft arm structure, so that light feel and shooting texture complement each other. At the same time, dual color temperature fill light and clear radio support enable scene atmosphere shooting to achieve rare lightweight.

See the big from the small and carry everything.
The compact structure design is compatible with many types of equipment, using high-performance reverse motor and shaft arm structure optimization scheme, so that the fuselage only the size of a bottle of mineral water can also provide surplus carrying space to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

Quick Release Leveling System 4.0
The new camera disassembly and assembly structure can realize the easy leveling and efficient disassembly and assembly of the shooting equipment, and adopt the anti-touch lock design to ensure the safety of the camera.

Built-in two-color temperature compensation lamp
Embedded fill light, adjust color temperature and brightness without gap, support filter toning; With Lumen Amplifier brightness doubling technology, the 2 C ㎡ light source bursts 800 lumens (average) of light, and the small finger area light source can also illuminate 20 square meters of space.

Multifunctional expansion back
Built-in signal receiver, with camera wireless Bluetooth transmitter module, can achieve wireless control of mainstream camera functions; At the same time, the camera body is adapted to the camera shutter protocol, and supports wired control of the camera shutter protocol permission function control.

Interview-grade radio
The 6.5mm audio interface supports the connection of professional interview wired microphone equipment, provides cardioid pointing and super-cardioid pointing, and meets the needs of clear directional radio in the interview scene.


  > Operating voltage: 12.6 V larger, 11.1V standard, 9.6 V smaller
  > Working current: larger 4700mA, smaller 130mA
  > Working temperature: larger: 50 ℃, standard: 25 ℃, smaller: -10 ℃
  > Power supply output voltage: 5V
  > Endurance: 8h
  > Charging time: 2H

  > Pitch axis mechanical action range: 309 °
  > Mechanical action range of roll shaft: 333 °
  > Mechanical action range of course axis: 360 °
  > Size: 280 * 74 * 157mm (W * D * H)
  > Net weight (single host): 700 G (including battery))







Take Shortcut with Adjustment Wheel & Joystick

Find the buttons, wheels and the newly added round joystick at your comfort reach with the ergonomic control panel. Support adjustment on aperture, shutter, ISO and roll axis.