ZHIYUN FIVERAY F100 RGB Handheld Light Stick For Studio Video Youtube

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ZHIYUN FIVERAY F100 is a 100-watt Light Stick that can be used as the main light. Electronic backpressure cooling system, optimized heat sink process, greatly improved airflow displacement, efficient heat dissipation, small body can also reach 100 W high power; 30W high brightness RGB, support CCT mode and HSI mode, provide image-level color; New scene light effect mode, creativity is doubly brilliant; Three kinds of power supply schemes, creating no power outage; Adapt to a variety of light control components, plastic light with shape, light control with heart.

Compared with the traditional Light Stick, the number of lamp beads is increased by 5 times, and the light source area is larger and brighter under the same volume. The application of thousand-grade precision electric dimming technology can improve the dimming efficiency to more than 90%, ensure stable output of high-brightness light source, and the peak illumination can reach 20708 Lux. The high power of 100 W fully meets the needs of daily light filling shooting, and can be directly used as the main light source for shooting.

Increase the number of RGB lamp beads to 148, which can more than double the brightness of the peak power output of 30 W, and easily create an atmosphere for creativity. The original electronic backpressure cooling system applies fluid mechanics, combines with the dynamic wind speed control algorithm of attitude model, introduces gyroscope variable modeling to design radiator and six FOC variable frequency fans, precisely designs the shape of cooling fins and fan blades, and dynamically straightens them out. The internal airflow greatly improves the airflow displacement, and improves the heat dissipation efficiency by nearly 5 times compared with the Light Stick with the same volume and mass on the market.

Built-in six 2600mAh batteries, while using adaptive charging technology, support up to 100 W PD power supply and 120 W DC port charging, 100 W peak power can also be used while charging, fully balancing the needs of high power and long endurance shooting.

Three kinds of professional and easy-to-install light control accessories, including soft light cloth, light barrier and light control grille, are added to the Light Stick. The light control is more professional and the fill light is very stylish. It can bring excellent performance in live broadcast, close-up, interview, still life shooting, TVC and VLOG recording.


> CCT mode power: 50W+50W
> Full power consumption mode Power: 100W
> Duration (100% power consumption continuous output) :31min
> Number of lamp beads: 324
> Red light illumination (LUX): 36 (1 m)
> Green illumination (LUX): 100 (1 m)
> Blue light illumination (LUX): 19 (1 m)
> Power supply: Built-in lithium battery 6S/2600MAH
> PD charging time: 2H56MIN (20V/1.2A 25W), room temperature 25℃, handheld rod lamp off charging
> DC charging time: 3H3MIN (24V 25W ~ 28W), room temperature 25℃, handheld rod lamp off charging
> QC charging time: 3H25MIN (12V/1.5A 9V/2A), room temperature 25℃, handheld rod lamp off charging
> Color temperature range: 2700K~6200K
> Product size: 502*46*47 (W*D*H)
> Net weight: 950g