ZHIYUN Smooth5 3-Axis Smartphone Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

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ZHIYUN Smooth5 3-Axis Smartphone Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Zhiyun Smooth 5 is a three-axis smartphone gimbal aimed at the consumer level of mobile content creators.The new Zhiyun Smooth 5 gimbal, equipped with a more powerful 3-axis motor, is designed for professional filming and is especially suitable for larger or heavier phones, such as the iPhone 13 Pro series.Smooth 5 has a larger size for more stable pictures and better weight capacity.The new Zhiyun Smooth 5 gimbal, which can be used on YouTube, is designed for more serious purposes than just selfies.

Zhiyun's Smooth-5 smartphone stabilizer has been upgraded to provide a more compact and intuitive experience, offering movie-style features for content creators who use their phones for video capture. When used in conjunction with the free downloadable ZY Play app, the Control Panel gives Android and iOS users the ability to control the console and smartphone camera features such as focus, zoom, delay, and still photo Settings.

Like many of Zhiyun's other products, the Smooth 5 gimbal can be purchased individually or in a set with some added accessories.The Smooth 5 gimbal is equipped with a stabilizer, a tripod and a charging cable.  If you buy the combo kit, you can get a carrying case, a lamp that can be magnetically attached to a stabilizer, a color temperature filter for some light, and a Prime membership card.

Key Features:-

Solid triaxial design:-

Orthogonal three-axis head and head structure design, do not block ultra wide Angle view, realize full Angle posture without burden, shoot where you point.

Full load motor performance:-

Adopt magneto motor and upgrade stability control algorithm to provide sufficient power for heavy weight mobile phone shooting.

Professional "movie grade" anti-shake:-

Retain the original picture quality of mobile phone, and can achieve movie-level mirrors, film creative, so that mobile phone to play the potential of blockbuster image.

360° space fill light lamp:-

Support installation of two 300 lumen light filling lamps to provide 360° space filling on both sides, enough to illuminate a space of 15 square meters.

Full keyboard design:-

Full keyboard design control panel, support free adjustment of shooting values, equipped with professional ball rocker, reduce the operation steps of mobile phones.

Hitchcock double play:-
Support zoom and focus function switch, scroll wheel support focus and focus adjustment,Section, built-in Hitchcock zoom operation guide and automatic synthesis function, one special effect, two kinds of gameplay.

Professional mirror mode:-
Support 3d dream shooting mode, shooting space rotation and vertigo atmosphere, provide PF, L, F, POV professional lens mode.

AI template shooting:-
Built in dozens of scene recording templates, follow the operation guide just with the mirror can be several short films into wonderful blockbusters.

Intelligent tracking:-
The smart tracking function can be opened by both the button and the picture frame on the screen, so that the subject and the person are always placed in the center of the mobile phone viewfinder frame. With gesture recognition function,recording/photographing and tracking can be remotely started.

Panorama shot, magic double:-
Support remote timing shooting and automatic synthesis of multiple people with the same screen photos, also Can take panoramic photos to grow the scenery and city flow light.

ZYCami editor:-
Support copy, playback, clip, add filters, stickers, BGM, subtitles and other professional video editing functions.

Short video sharp tool, horizontal and vertical shooting fast cutting:-
Specially widened and optimized, even large mobile phones can easily take vertical photos without knocking mobile phones, supporting quick switch between vertical photos.

Quick battery charge for long life:-
Battery life support fast charging agreement, up to 2 hours full 100%, display mode up to 25 hours of battery life.

Exquisite travel backpack:-
Zhiyun's new customized storage bag is simple and easy to store,
SMOOTH5, leg stand, phone lens and charging device for cleaner travel.


>Following Deviation in Static State: Max: ± 0.04°,Min: ± 0.01°
>Following Deviation in Motion State: Max: ± 0.3°,Standard: ± 0.1°,Min: ± 0.05°
>Tilt Mechanical Range: 309°
>Roll Mechanical Range: 333°
>Pan Mechanical Range: 360°
>Operation Voltage: Max: 11.1v,Min: 9.8v
>Operation Current: Max: 4700mA,Min: 130mA,Output: 5V, 1A
>Battery Runtime: Max: 8h (lab data)
>Charging Time : 2h (lab data)
Size & Weight:-     
>Product Size (W*D*H) :208*102*290mm
>Net Weight  :~700g/unit

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