ZHIYUN Smooth 5S Handheld Stabilizer 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbals

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SMOOTH 5S is created for mobile phone blockbusters. It continues the design of orthogonal three-axis structure. It can shoot with a mirror without dead angle. It has built-in highlight fill light and three lights in one. SMOOTH 5S is different from the mobile phone gimbal with special-shaped three-axis structure on the market. SMOOTH 5S can realize full-angle operation, and there is no need to worry about low-angle and ultra-wide-angle shooting, which fully meets the needs of multi-angle shooting. SMOOTH 5S adopts magnetic steel motor and stable control algorithm, with powerful carrying capacity, wide and thick mobile phone fixture design, compatible with various sizes of mobile phones.

 The SMOOTH 5S adds a fill light embedded in the pitch axis arm, with a peak illumination of 650 Lux; At the same time, it supports the installation of two magnetic supplementary lights, the peak illumination of three lights is up to 2040 Lux, and a variety of filters can be selected to customize the hue atmosphere. SMOOTH 5S adopts a control panel with full keyboard design, integrating key functions such as dial, rocker, menu call, mode switching, switch and fill light. Scroll wheel supports zoom and focus function switching, with App built-in Hitchcock zoom operation guide, to achieve manual zoom and automatic zoom Hitchcock dual play.


> Two magnetic fill lights plus the built-in onegive you an unbeatable lightingthat enables a peak illuminance of 2040lux.
> Multiple filters and hue adjustment are providedfor fulfilling your creativity.
Color Temperature: 5000K     CRI: 90+
> The wider axes are switch between the horizontal and vertical modes, providing support for most large smartphones.
> It only takes 2 hours to fully charge and can be used for 5-6hours.
> The wider space between each axis facilitates extreme-angel shootings, allowing you to make cinematic shots without limits.
> The magnetic steel motors power up phones with large size. The wider phone clamp supports external lens options.
> Pick your clips and let AI work on the intelligent match with the beats, filters, captions, and stickers
> SMOOTH 5S offers anti-shake footage while preserving the original definition quality, shooting without shaking
> Support zoom-and-focus switch via the control wheel,you can achieve cinematic dolly zoom shots in the ZY Cami APP.
> Multiple classic shooting modes including PF, L, F, POV and V.
> Use SmartFollow mode you can remotely control the camera simply via hand gestures.
> Large storage bag can hold gimbal, tripod, lens and charger


> Size: 311*168*52mm
> Payload Range: 150-300g
> Net Weight: 625g
> Color: Grey, White
> Motor Position: At the rear
> Fill Light: Magnetic fill lights+Built-in fill light
> Landscape / Portrait Switch: Support
> Vortex Mode: Support