ZHIYUN Official Weebill S 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer

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ZHIYUN Official Weebill S 3-Axis  Camera Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer

WEEBILL-S has a "mecha" style, which is more cool. WEEBILL-S fuselage is no longer equipped with a standard image transmission module, or Zhiyun uses the image transmission module of WEEBILL- S as a new accessory to meet the two needs of users. Picture transmission can reach up to 100m distance, picture quality up to 1080P, 30 frames, enough to cope with daily use; The new three-axis locking has become more crisp and direct, and the overall workmanship has gone further.The body is lightened and the portability is improved again; WEEBILL-S performance is excellent, motor performance is improved by 3 times, micro single and SLR commonly used lenses can be adapted, and for the first time, automatic parameter adjustment is added, mobile phones can be carried, reaching the same level in the industry in terms of load, and can perfectly use the pot posture and adaptive control within the authority, which can be called the king of performance.

WEEBILL-S opens up the photography ecology. The new wireless image transmission supports real-time viewing on the HDMI monitor. It can be controlled by using the flight handle. At the same time, it supports the monitoring of multiple device terminals. It can also control the camera parameters. The main control can be switched at will, which meets the new requirements of individual and team collaboration. New somatosensory control and real-time picture transmission,Stabilizer can be used for long-range and multi-person cooperative operations, and it is also a generation of stabilizer iteration.

WEEBILL-S is not only a stabilizer, first of all, the increase of load will inevitably affect the choice of SLR users and professional micro-single practitioners. This group of users have professional lenses and many types of focal range coverage, and SLR users still have a large proportion in the professional field. The selection of WEEBILL-S users will be close to the creation of professional fields.And the portable pain point of these users shooting scenes outside is solved with the portable pot and the compact and light structure. At the same time, in terms of accessories ecology, WEEBILL-S can still use WEEBILLLAB's scale accessories, and add image transmitters and receivers, which can be monitored by a variety of external devices, as well as remote control parameters and somatosensory. These professional accessories are more used in professional shooting scenes.Zhiyun is continuing to build its own image service ecosystem. If you are a personal creation and studio structure, WEEBILL-S accessories can meet more creative needs, extensibility and forward-looking are very high.


Super-strong motor leapfrog carrying
New motor power unit with more efficient attitude algorithm. It is easy to control the mainstream micro single shooting combination such as A7M3 + 24-70mm F2.8 GM, and even carry the SLR shooting combination of 5D4 + 24-70mm F2.8. New adaptive control algorithm, a key to automatically identify the load weight, light as a mobile phone, heavy to SLR, can quickly adapt. Let the creation not be limited by the load, and enjoy the creativity of shooting.

Honeycomb algorithm extremely fast response
The eighth generation of honeycomb stabilization control algorithm can quickly offset the dynamic deviation caused by picture jitter, quickly respond to motion changes, easily capture dynamic shots, and customize the following speed to cope with various complex shooting scenes.

The A4 fuselage is easy to lift
It continues the design language of light stabilizer, and the fuselage size is only A4 paper size. It adopts a new structural design that conforms to ergonomics. The lifting pot mode optimized by the center of gravity makes the center of gravity coincide with the stress point. With the quick disassembly series of scales, it is more efficient to shoot.

Stunning upgrade of image transmission module
New scaly image transmission module, compact size, 1080P 30 frame image low-delay output, 100m transmission distance, support custom LUT, false color, peak focus, zebra pattern and other professional functions, to meet the professional needs of monitoring, live broadcasting and so on.

Via Touch 2.0 in hand
Let's get to know ViaTouch again. With a touch of your fingertips, you can control and shoot on a small mobile phone screen that you can't reach before.

Object tracking intelligent following
No need to set up the phone to re-level, in the ViaTouch interface, select the target directly, and the PTZ can open the intelligent following mode. You can even boldly take selfies to follow, and one person can also make a team.

Mobile phone somatosensory creative shooting
Mobile phone motion control PTZ movement, lower latency, high-speed response. With the Scaly Armor Image Transmission Module, it can complete the operation of the mirror while monitoring, so that the body feeling is not only fun, but also has practical use value.

Modular design
The master-level image transmission receiving module is equipped with one key to provide professional monitoring and control experience. The whole creative team has a consistent vision and cooperates with the workflow to meet the needs.

Professional surveillance
With the scaly image transmission and reception module, it can not only monitor the picture in real time through the mobile phone (iPad) APP, but also be used with a professional display, without fear of outdoor strong light, supporting three devices to monitor at the same time, to meet more professional shooting needs.

Flight handle
New flight handle accessories, remote control stabilizer and camera functions. Built-in somatosensory module, with mobile phone/monitor monitoring, smooth mirror, to meet the needs of more professional people.

Six modes, more ways to play
> Global POV
> Three-dimensional dreams
> Mad Dog Mode
> Course to follow
> Follow all
> Lock mode

Electronic follow focus, multiple choices
Support electronic focusing, only one control line, you can control the focus of some models through the focusing handwheel, depth optimization algorithm, fast and accurate focusing, professional shooting without out-of-focus. You can also choose a mechanical focus follower to control zoom or focus to meet more shooting needs.


  > Operating voltage: 8.4V larger, 6.8 V smaller
  > Working temperature: larger: 50 ℃, standard: 25 ℃, smaller: -10 ℃
  > Power supply output voltage: 5V
  > Battery life: Maximum 14 h,Standard 12 h
  > Endurance: 8h
  > Charging time: 2.5H

  > Pitch axis mechanical action range:
      Maximum: + 182 °,Standard: 314 °,Minimum: -132 °
  > Mechanical action range of roll shaft:
     Maximum: 247 °,Standard: 314 °,Minimum: -67 °
  > Mechanical action range of course axis: 360 °
  > Net weight (single host): 895G (including battery))

WEEBILL-S Standard Package

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