ZHIYUN Smooth Q4 Gimbal Smartphone 3-Axis Phone Gimbal Stabilizer

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ZHIYUN Smooth Q4 Gimbal Smartphone 3-Axis Phone Gimbal Stabilizer

SMOOTH Q4 is designed with folding structure, which makes it smaller and more convenient to carry; meanwhile, each axial direction is provided with a buckle locking structure. There is no shaking after storage. For precision electronic components, this locking method is safer and the failure rate will be lower when using. Not only the shaft arm can be folded, but also the mobile phone clip can be folded.SMOOTH Q4 has designed two grooves inside the mobile phone clip to facilitate better storage of the clip, and it also has another function.

The top of SMOOTH Q4 is a magnetic integrated fill light. Compared with SMOOTH Q3, which is a fixed-position fill light, it can be disassembled freely and is very compact. After connection, it can be controlled by the thumb wheel. Long press can turn on and off the light. Under the action of clicking, it can adjust the brightness of multiple levels.

SMOOTH Q4 products are targeted at more mobile phone shooting enthusiasts, folding, extending, intelligent, this stabilizer integrates the advantages of the current mobile phone stabilizer, which is very friendly to the entry enthusiasts of shooting and editing, any function can be operated by one key; at the same time, only with the help of Zhiyun official mobile phone software ZY CAMI, even a zero-based enthusiast,You can also shoot big movies easily.


High quality industrial design
High-quality industrial design has always been one of the most important business cards of Zhiyun. The fourth generation of SMOOTH series PTZ retains the characteristics of compact and easy to use, so that you can shoot easily by yourself. It is an excellent helper for VLOG shooting.

Patented folding technology
Zhiyun SMOOTH-Q4 is designed to make it easy for ordinary users without shooting foundation to shoot blockbusters, so it adopts elaborate and unique design. SMOOTH-Q4's patented folding technology on the threshold of portability and use really takes the lead in realizing one-step folding use.

Built-in extended selfie stick
Built-in 215mm extended selfie stick, shopping with friends, outing or camping, selfie can be loaded into more pictures, one does not pull down; at the same time, it can be extended within the length of the extended stick. It can shoot with a low angle of view and easily capture the picture close to the ground.

Design of magnetic supplementary light
Meet the portable and fill light function, simulate the daytime color temperature to make the self-timer skin feel real and bright, at the same time, in the vlog live broadcast, recording mobile phone interview video, can provide better portrait presentation;

Multiple intelligent shooting functions
SMOOTH-Q4 integrates a variety of intelligent shooting functions, such as intelligent gesture recognition, gesture recognition in the air, and remote control of PTZ recording by one person; intelligent scene recognition Let you have your own shooting ideas in different scenes of seaside, city and nightclub.

Core Stability Augmentation Technology
Really let the mobile phone can also achieve video-level video anti-shake effect, plus a key intelligent tracking function, support face tracking, video protagonists are all framed in the C position, whether children or the elderly can also shoot stable video films.

Technical Specs:-

Tilt Mechanical Range:338°
Roll Mechanical Range :338°
Pan Mechanical Range:331°

Operation Voltage     Max: 8.8v
Min: 6.5v
Operation Current     Max: 3300mA
Min: 100mA
Charging Time : 2.5h (lab data)
Size & Weight     
Product Size (W*D*H) :238*182*68mm
Net Weight :610g/unit

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