ZHIYUN WEEBILL 2 Camera gimbal Handheld Stabilizer

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ZHIYUN WEEBILL 2 Camera gimbal Handheld Stabilizer

WEEBILL 2 continues the family-style DNA of its products: the "7" -shaped structural design perfectly conforms to the ergonomic design, maximizes the use of both hands, reduces the use threshold of the gimbal stabilizer and the experience needs of the photographer; the iconic pot handle provides a multi-angle variable design Whether it's a flat shot or a low-angle shot,Photographers can easily find the most suitable holding position for themselves.

Steady and light are the highest pursuit of WEEBILL 2 gimbal. The new optimized stability augmentation algorithm, together with the unique Infineon dual-filter disturbance vector splitting sensor in the industry, can fully and effectively offset the jitter generated by different axes and different scenes; supported by large-area metal and high-strength plastic materials.Reduce weight as much as possible while maintaining rigidity.With the newly designed motor, WEEBILL 2 has a net weight of only 1.47 kg.

After CRANE M3 and SMOOTH 5 won the 2022 Red Dot Award, Zhiyun's "WEEBILL 2" professional stabilizer won the 2022 German iF Design Award.


7-shaped structure
WEEBILL 2 inherits the classic "7" shaped handle and teapot design of the WEEBILL family. It can achieve a labor-saving and easy-to-use teapot mode without changing accessories and shapes. The center of gravity is reasonable and more labor-saving.

Powerful chip
WEEBILL 2 injects full "chip" vitality, carries Infineon dual-filter disturbance vector splitting sensor, splits complex disturbance vector according to frequency, and greatly improves stability.

2.88-inch touch color display
2.88-inch embedded smart touch screen, integrated design, smart opening and closing, easy to retract and release; foldable and reversible design helps to locate and monitor the line of sight 。

Focus with the focuser
It supports the precise focusing of the focus follower, and the focus following wheel supports the functions of roll axis control, aperture, ISO, electronic focus following and focus follower control.

Scaly Image Transmitter
WEEBILL 2 is exclusively configured with customized scaly image transmission transmitter AI to meet the requirements of image transmission monitoring, wireless control, monitoring and scheduling of professional parameters of various pictures.

Technical Specs:-

Operation Voltage
> Max:12.6V Standard:11.1V Min:9.8V (Lab Data)
Operation Current
> Max:6000mA Min:160mA
Operation Temperature
> Max:45℃ Standard:25℃ Min:-10℃
Battery Runtime
> Standard:9h
Output Voltage
> Standard:5V
Charging Time
> Standard:1.6h

Following Deviation in Motion State
> Max:±0.3° Standard:±0.1° Min:±0.05°
Following Deviation in Static State
> Max:±0.04° Min:±0.01°
Tilt Mechanical Range
> Max:+190° Min:-150°
Roll Mechanical Range
> Max:+80° Min:-260°
Pan Mechanical Range
> Standard:360°
Product Size
> 319*225*62 (W*D*H)
Product Net Weight (Individual device)
> 1.47KG (including battery)