Zhiyun MOLUS G60 professional COB video lights

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Zhiyun Zhiyun G60w professional COB video lights

 ZhiYun G60 uses the core heat dissipation technology to achieve high-power and lightweight, creating a national video lamp; so that the Rubik's cube-sized lightweight light source can also bring 60 W professional high-power, the creation is no longer limited to the site, space and time constraints, and the professional lighting effect is simpler. ZhiYun G60 has a net weight of only 300 G, which is lighter than the same type of COB video lamp with the same power, and can quickly build mobile light filling scenes outdoors. ZhiYun G60 short video and live broadcast room create a new scene lighting system, which can simply use all kinds of accessories with commercial studio lighting quality, break through the limitation of storage space, quickly build professional lighting effect in all kinds of outdoor and compact space, shoot people and objects, and the real scene effect is better.


1.The net weight of the lamp body is 300 G, the size of the Rubik's cube, and the professional light effect.

2.Electronic backpressure cooling system: The patented electronic backpressure cooling system of Zhiyun introduces gyroscope variable precision modeling to design the radiator and fan, applies fluid mechanics to precisely and dynamically straighten out the airflow and reasonably compress the internal structure space. It is light and small while still providing outstanding and lasting cooling performance to ensure the safety of shooting at all times.

3.Outdoor fill light, professional full power: The use of Zhiyun power supply and discharge technology can not only facilitate the rapid construction of studio-level fill light scenes indoors, but also quickly store them. The whole set of scene fill light scheme equipment can be easily packaged. Even outdoors, it can provide 100% power support and carry out outdoor shooting creation anytime and anywhere.

4.High display refers to high picture quality; The high-power integrated point light source supports the knob to quickly switch the color temperature and brightness, shaping the texture of the picture. High visibility means that the creator can capture a variety of color details of the picture, restore the true color, and see what he shoots.

 5, the illuminance of the naked light source is 2376 Lux (the illuminance of the standard cover of Zhiyun is 11194 Lux; the illuminance value is obtained from the 100% brightness output test at a distance of 1m and 6500 K.)

6.Customize ZY bayonet full-scene light control accessories, compatible with Baorong bayonet of film and television industry standard, can use industry general accessories, and fully integrate into the light creation ecology.

7.Bluetooth Mesh networking, APP remote dimming: support multi-lamp Bluetooth networking, collaborative complex scene lighting, APP built-in light parameter adjustment remote real-time dimming, efficiently improve the efficiency of individual lighting and ease of operation.

8.Adaptive integrated power supply system, fast endurance mode: 1. Type-C input port can automatically adapt to the current power and voltage. 2. With PD protocol mobile power supply or PD protocol charger, power can be supplied anytime and anywhere. (The PD charging input supports a maximum of 100 W and a minimum of 18 W. The ordinary fast charger can also supply power. The power supply can be displayed on the display. The maximum output power is 60 W.)


> Output power: 60W Cooling method: active cooling
Working voltage of adapter: AC100V ~ 240V (50/60HZ)
Working voltage of lamp body: DC 24V, PD ≥ 9V PD input power ≥ 18 W
Color temperature: 2700 K ~ 6500 K Dimming range 0 ~ 100%
CRI color rendering index (RA) ≥ 96 TLCI≥97 2376 Lux
APP control mode: Bluetooth
Power supply mode: PD adapter, power adapter
Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Product size: 90.6X67X66.95mm (W * D * H)
Net weight: 300g Extended: 1/4 universal screw hole

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