2022 Handheld gimbal stabilizer with high cost performance

2022 Handheld gimbal stabilizer with high cost performance

The handheld gimbal stabilizer must be a shooting artifact for vlog enthusiasts who love photography and video shooting. From the brand point of view, DJI and ZHIYUN are the most famous.

The gimbal stabilizer has been developed for nearly ten years, and its mechanical property has been roughly mature, and most products can ensure basic stability. Compared with most products on the market, DJI stabilizer is not outstanding in terms of function, and its indicators are moderate, but DJI products are known for their reliability and ease of use. DJI gimbal stabilizer is divided into Osmo series and Ronin series, and the price is slightly higher than the competing products of the same level. Osmo series is good at ease of use and easy to operate. Ronin series is developed for professional users, and the gimbal structure is solid, stable and reliable.

ZHIYUN stabilizer product line is very complete, mainly divided into mobile phone stabilizer Smooth series, camera stabilizer CRANE series and action camera Evo series, the price is more affordable than DJI. The stabilization effect of ZHIYUN stabilizer is outstanding among the competitors at the same level. The signature "Mad Dog Mode" allows the stabilizer to respond to the transition action at a very fast speed. It can quickly switch the shooting angle while keeping the picture stable. It is very suitable for shooting fast motion scenes. This mode has higher requirements for motors and algorithms.

Next, we will take stock of the gimbal stabilizers with excellent cost performance:
The OM4 SE has a magnetic quick-release design, which is easy and fast to disassemble and assemble, with a maximum load of 290 G, which can be adapted to most mobile phones on the market. DJI's software service has always been excellent, OM4 SE joined the Story mode, providing many templates, just follow the prompt operation, ordinary consumers can easily shoot "blockbuster".

DJI OM4 SE is a special edition of OM4, which is consistent in hardware parameters, also adopts magnetic design, and has higher compatibility of back clip, which can adapt to more mobile phones. The accessories are missing a magnetic ring, but the price is lower than OM4.
ZHIYUN Smooth Q3 is a three-axis handheld gimbal with a chute bracket structure, which is simple to store and compact in design. It supports sliding zoom, with some mobile phones can also be ultra-wide-angle zoom, wide picture, strong sense of space.

ZHIYUN Smooth Q3 can track objects through the handle trigger, and can also flip 180 degrees to fill the light. With the built-in automatic beauty algorithm, it is a good helper for live broadcasting.

NO3 Capture 2
JD Capture 2 stabilizer adopts the fifth generation intelligent stabilization system, which constantly adjusts and compensates the mobile phone posture when moving, and greatly offsets the picture jitter. This stabilizer is also in Phone GO mode. In this mode, the motor controls the PID and follows the course quickly. You only need to rotate the stabilizer quickly to achieve the transition effect and record the fast motion scene clearly. In addition, the face can be automatically locked by AI algorithm, and the heading axis and pitch axis of the stabilizer automatically follow the movement of the object.

NO4 Hohem M5
The core control area of Hohem M5 handheld stabilizer is in the middle, including four-way rocker, Bluetooth light, mode light, focusing push rod, mode key and switch key. The four-way joystick can adjust the direction and angle like the dial wheel of the camera. The focusing push rod can be used for effective focusing, so that the shooting is more casual;

The mode key can be switched by one key, and with the indicator light, the user can see at a glance, and it can easily realize four modes such as heading & pitch following, POV, etc., which greatly facilitates the user's operation.