A New Creative Partner of Video Creators — Brief Review of Feiyu SCORP Mini

A New Creative Partner of Video Creators — Brief Review of Feiyu SCORP Mini

In recent years, after vlog short video and we-media became popular, a lot of vlog video creators have emerged. The demand for recording life with cameras and mobile phones has increased, and the requirements for equipment have become higher and higher. For vlog video creators, it is particularly important to have an all-round and useful stabilizer.

Recently, Feiyu launched a brand new gimbal stabilizer, SCORP Mini. This article will focus on SCORP mini and the local evaluation of the adjustment and upgrade compared with G6 Max.

Positioning of Feiyu SCORP Mini
At present, there are three main types of products-camera stabilizer (SCORP series), mobile phone stabilizer (Vimble series) and gimbal camera (Pocket series). The SCORP series consists of three types of products, namely, SCORP Pro, a flagship stabilizer for small movie cameras and large-volume micro single and SLR cameras; SCORP/SCORP C, a stabilizer for professional cameras and mainstream micro single cameras with SLR cameras; and the recently launched SCORP Mini is a new iteration of Feiyu G6Max.

The SCORP Mini is positioned as a smaller Scorpion camera stabilizer. Mainly for the shooting and production of vlog short videos from the media, the basic use of micro single, mobile phone shooting users, taking into account the gopro motion camera. It is an all-round stabilizer with micro single camera, professional mode of mobile phone, card machine and motion camera. For users like us who can use micro single, card machine, mobile phone and action camera to shoot, it can take into account these four types of devices and is an all-round stabilizer.

The accessories of the stabilizer are quite rich. It includes Type-C to Micro/to Multi (Sony Shutter Cable)/to 2.5mm (Panasonic Shutter Cable)/to Type-C/to TRS2.5, GoPro adapter, tripod, Allen wrench, lens bracket, mobile phone clamp, focus follower support tube and so on.
Feiyu SCORP-Mini

SCORP mini continues the design style of SCORP stabilizer, with a low grip center of gravity and an integrated "pot" handle. The overall appearance design is atmospheric and industrial.
Feiyu SCORP-Mini

The whole is made of aviation aluminum and polymer synthetic resin, weighing only 787 grams, which can be regarded as very light. It also carries a large 1.2-inch touch screen, through which all the settings of the body can be completed without taking out the phone to connect to the app.

SCORP mini can take into account the micro single, card machine, mobile phone and motion camera and other four types of devices, the use of a wide range of scenarios, applicable to many groups, the frequency of daily use is very high.
Feiyu SCORP-Mini

The stabilizer can be easily set and adjusted through the touch screen, which is quite convenient. Below the screen are the joystick, the camera/video button and the M mode button.

The FPV key on the left side of the fuselage can change the heading, pitch and lock the full following mode. The knob on the front end can operate the pitch, or click the middle button to switch the pitch or roll mode. Multiple physical convenient keys, the adjustment in any mode is quite worry-free. The creator just keeps an eye on the screen to shoot safely.
Feiyu SCORP-Mini

If electronic focus is required, the focus wheel on the front of the body is well equipped to support focus and zoom within the camera protocol, and its damping feel can also be customized according to personal preferences, which is highly personalized.

In the overall use of the shooting process, in fact, it is not difficult, first, the SCORP mini itself is a portable design, and second, the design of the gun handle and the design of the integrated suspension handle make it quite easy to hold with both hands, even for girls.
Feiyu SCORP-Mini

Differences between SCORP Mini and G6Max
The fuselage continues the design of SCORP gun handle and the design of integrated suspension handle, which makes it comfortable to hold all kinds of camera positions when shooting. Compared with G6Max, which only has a small screen to display simple basic information, SCORP Mini is equipped with a 1.3-inch color OLED touch screen, and all the parameters of the body can be set in the touch screen. At the same time, SCORP Mini gimbal frame is larger and stronger, which can be installed to carry larger cameras.

The motor lock of SCORP Mini is completely redesigned, the stability is greatly improved, and the look and feel are more delicate and delicate. G6Max can't be equipped with a focus follower, while SCORP Mini can, and it can also be equipped with a tracking module on the body, so it no longer needs mobile App to track.
Feiyu SCORP-Mini

As a new iteration product of Feiyu G6Max, what are the upgrades of SCORP mini compared with it?

  1. It has a larger gimbal frame and higher strength, so it can be installed with a larger camera.
  2. Scorpion mini is equipped with a 1.3-inch OLED touch screen, and all the information display and control of the body can be completed in the touch screen.
  3. The previous generation of products cannot be equipped with a focus follower, but the Scorpion mini can. At the same time, it can also be equipped with a tracking module, which no longer requires mobile App to track.
  4. Longer battery life, up to 13 hours when fully charged.
  5. An integrated pot handle is added to face the low position or other shooting angles, providing a more relaxed shooting solution.

Users who have video creation needs and use more devices can consider the newly released SCORP mini, which can complete your creative needs very well. At the same time, its rich functions and convenient control also increase its ease of use. It is a good professional all-round stabilizer.